Monday, August 8, 2011


I've ordered from Amazon maybe 38234 times.  38232 of those times, I've had no problems.  2 times?  OMG.

First bad incident, I ordered a complete series dvd set for my dad for his birthday.  I ordered it literally 2 moths before his birthday, mainly because I had been on watch for it to go on sale.  It did.  An AMAZING sale.  It was in stock.  It was sold by Amazon not one of their partners or anything like that.  I waited for over 2 months (past his birthday) for it to ship.  I emailed Amazon a million times.  They kept apologizing and giving me these really stupid reasons for why it didn't ship.  I was pretty upset, being that his birthday had come and gone and the dvd set (still in stock mind you, and the price totally jacked back up) hadn't even shipped.  Finally, it ships.  It took another 2 weeks to get to my house.  What did Amazon do for my trouble?  Gave me a $5 credit for a future order.  Yeah.

So many orders past that, no problems.  Fast forward to the beginning of July, I order 3 things together:  2 for school, one for Dex.  First to come, Dex's item.  Second, one of the school items.  The third, in stock, doesn't ship for over a month.  Seriously?  Why is it listed in stock and then they don't ship it??  Thankfully, it finally comes today.  Half destroyed.  A small item in a box that is 10 times too big.  Box?  Destroyed.  Item?  As I said, half destroyed.  It should work out because many teaching things have "extra" material with them, but still.  So annoying.

I, of course, will not swear off Amazon.  I love the website, and 2 bad experience with a jillion good experiences, is really pretty good.  I was just a little annoyed today with my package that I waited so long for.  Gah!

Can I have another month of summer please??