Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Didn't tell you that? Sorry, my bad! *snort*

Things no one tells you about a second pregnancy:


Things people tell you about a second pregnancy, but you choose not to believe:

*You're more tired.
*You show sooner.
*You ache more.
*Um, you're older.
*Sometimes these changes happen sooner.

Things that are amazingly awesome about a second pregnancy:

*Your older child walks around saying cute things like "girl baby!"
*Your older child loves on your belly.
*Your older child practices "burping you."
*You weep over itty bitty baby clothes.
*You can't wait to make your family of three into a family of four!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Smile it's Friday!

I've noticed a trend lately with one of the blogs I read.  I really like reading the blog.  It's one of the few I check in with DAILY.  Most I get to a few times a week.

The trend:  Unhappy with Life.  Never would say that, but if you read the posts, which used to be all that happens is complaining about E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.  One day (this is hyperbole of course) writer doesn't like rain.  Next day, doesn't like sun.  Each week, the posts are hating the opposite of what was hated a few days prior.

I kinda don't want to read it anymore.  I kinda feel like I have to, if only to see what the complaint is today.  It's one of those situations where you want to ask, hey is there like something wrong in your life?  Do you need a friend?  It's weird.

anyway, in my neck of the woods, it's Friday.  I love Friday.  For me, as a working mom, Friday is my friend that comes around every 7 days with the promise of 48 hours of family time.  I love Friday!  People smile, they sparkle. 

I know it's raining outside right now, but I don't care.  It adds to happiness for me on this rainy Friday.

Who has fun weekend plans???

I know, I know

It's more than tomorrow...

Most people who visit here know via facebook/twitter anyway.

So without further ado...

Dexter calls his sister "Girl Baby" or "Girl Girl Baby"

I love it!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Team Blue? Team Pink?

Yes we know now.......

We'll tell ya tomorrow!

Just have to keep it interesting!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


10 years.

When I was in school, I can remember learning about the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  I can remember all the kids in school talking about where their grandparents and in some case parents were when this terrible tragedy happened. 

I sit here and think, someday, Dexter will be in school, learning about September 11, 2001.  He will ask my husband and I if we remember where we were when this tragedy occurred.  I'll tell him.  He should know.  He'll never know, but he should know.

More than where I was or what I was doing, I remember the emotion of that day.

Fear.  Sadness.  Confusion.  Helplessness.

I wish I could protect my children from the sadness in the world.  I hugged and loved my family extra hard today.

There are no words to comfort those who have lost so much. 

10 years.

Friday, September 9, 2011


Just in case you didn't realize it....

The post I made on June 13?

Yeah, I was totally pregnant then.

That in itself is freaking hilarious to me.

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled weekend!

Oh rainy Friday....

Now that the cat is out of the bag, I'm making it a point to be more active here.....for me.  I like cataloging Dexter and our lives.

I've officially (well at 3:15) made it through two weeks of back to school.  Yikes.  Hard to believe.  I can't say I'm in any kind of routine.  I mean, school is routine, but life?  crazy.  Dexter is not happy that Mommy isn't with him everyday anymore.  I feel Mommy guilt.  I am so envious of those who can stay with their little ones daily.  It pains my heart to have someone else tell me about his great day, and oh he did this, and has he ever said ".." to you? 

Being pregnant this time around, with a two your old in tow, has also taken its toll while working.  I am so exhausted when I get home.  When I was pregnant with Dex, it wasn't so bad.  I could come home and take a nap, guilt free.  Now I just want to be with the little guy, but my feet and back hurt so I usually try and con him into reading or coloring.  Something where Mommy can sit.  Dexter would rather run around the house, or play Ready Set Go, where he runs and jumps in my arms.  I do what I can.  Mommy guilt.

I must say though, I'm kinda just a little loving rainy Friday.  Why??  Because my overheated pregnant self cannot stand the humidity of outdoor recess.  Shame I know.  Hanging my head. 

Tomorrow is Art's Festival day!!!  I loooove this weekend.  Live for it!  Can't wait to be in our old hometown, where we brought Dexter home tomorrow!!!

Happy Friday!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Baby News!

I know it's been a month to date, since I've updated.  There's a reason for that....I was incapable of posting anything without spilling the beans.  I couldn't do it.  Now that I'm ready, I can come back to my forgotten blog.

It's been a very long journey, most of which is very personal.  Let's just say, having baby number two has not been easy for us.

I am almost 23 weeks and due in early January.  I know that 23 weeks is really far along to make this official announcement (we started telling people 2 weeks ago), but for more personal reasons, that's how it had to be!

Let's just say, we are ecstatic.  Times a zillion.  It's crazy hard to believe that I am over halfway through this pregnancy.  Um what?  I know, hard to believe.

Dexter has moved into his big boy bed.  We bought him furniture in July and had it delievered in August.  The first day?  Yeah he was in and happy.  Who knew?  You hear horror stories about transitioning kids to beds.  We bought him a full size bed, and he looks so little in it, but love the bed.

Our nursery is well on it's way.  Starting to wash unisex clothing, until we know for sure what we're having.  Let's just say the baby was being stubborn at the ultrasound!  I'm hoping prior to birth, we'll know what we're having, but at this point, we're so overjoyed that if we don't, I'm okay with that.

People keep asking, are you hoping for a girl this time?  I can, with every bit of honesty, say we have no preference.  By the time it's all said and done, this will have been a long 2 years.  We are hoping for healthy and happy.  That's it.  We love our little boy, and despite the questions, we would be overjoyed to have another boy, or the adventure of a little girl.

So that's it!  the big news!  Here's to hoping things go by smoothly, not too slowly, and not too quickly!