Thursday, December 29, 2011

24 hours....

24 hours from now, I'm scheduled for a c-section.  Chances of hospital being on time?  Hmm...slim to none, but let's pretend.  24 hours left of being a one child family. 

I've been ready for the pregnancy part to be over for awhile.  Now?  The ideas of adding an infant onto our already busy lives with a 2 year old is scaring the crap out of me all of a sudden. 

Biggest worries? (some of which are dumb I know)

*Bath/Bedtime-  how do you do this with 2 kids??

*Having to leave the house with 2 kids and 1 adult.  OMG.  I'm outnumbered.

*Making sure Dexter gets enough attention.  I'm totally freaked out about this.  He's been my only baby for over 2 years...He rarely cries.  I'm envisioning him being in tears a lot.  That kills me.

So what do I do when these thoughts creep up?  I try and think about the good stuff we're looking forward to.  More kisses and hugs.  Dexter loving on girl baby...whose name he can say!  Being a family of four. 

Seriously though.  I'm in disbelief that in 24 hours we will have 2 children.

Hold me.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas is coming!

I cannot believe we have 21 days until Christmas.

I'm trying really hard to get everything ready.  Girl baby (who does have a name now, but we're keeping it a secret!!) is scheduled to make her appearance via c-section on December 30.  OMG.  I'm hoping she stays in that long!  This upcoming Friday, I will officially be 36 weeks.  That was the exact appointment where I went into the hospital with Dexter, hung around until we hit 37 weeks and then, SURPRISE!!!  So needless to say, I want Christmas to be as ready as possible in case pre-eclampsia rears its ugly head again.

I have finally bought a few girl things.  A total of 5 outfits to be exact, and three of them are a bigger size.  We have some unisex sleepers and outfits washed and ready.  The crib is up.  Bottles are ready.  We've bought diapers.  (omg so teeeeny).  We haven't bought formula yet, but that'll be coming.

I'm not looking for any breast is best judgement here.  I might give that a try again, but being that with Dex my milk never came in, I'm not holding my breath.  We'll play it by ear and I'm leaving it at that!

I cannot wait to see what this little one looks like.  Maybe one of our kids will look like me!  :)