Saturday, October 30, 2010

G.T.L. Gym, Tan, Laundry

My husband and I really don't have the time to commit to any TV show.  I mean, we watch sports, but other than that?  Nah.  Not something every week.  So we usually end up catching things in reruns.

Now, let me preface this by saying, I have maybe....5 or 6 shows that I consider my "I'm embarrassed to admit I watch this..." shows.  One of those?  Jersey Shore.

I actually never saw the first season while it was on.  I never watched the reruns.  I just figured, eh whatever, been done.  However, one day, while feeling under the weather, with nothing on TV, Jersey Shore was one of my few options.  I figured, eh, I'm sick, I need a laugh, boom, let's watch some Jersey Shore.  Okay, so for real, how have I missed out on this television goodness?!?!   I mean, seriously, who says, look here's a show about a bunch of drunk, morally loose, Italian 20++ somethings who sing about tshirts, cabs, hey sounds like a hit.  It's a show that has a short chick with a 2 inch poof.  Hey look a dude who walks around holding his shirt up.  I will admit, for real, cinematic gold!  Why?  Why in the world is this show so popular?  I'm telling you, I get it now that we've started watching it.  It's cinematic gold because it's fun to laugh at people!  Like, you can't write this crap.

We lived through the era of MTV's "The Real World."  We've seen plenty of barfing, hooking up, fighting.  However, TRW has nothing on Jersey Shore.  Each episode elicits at least a month's worth of water cooler jokes and sayings. 

We all need to thank MTV for having so little creativity in their minds to bring us something as entertaining as Jersey Shore.  Let's face it, lack of creativity has birthed reality TV.  It figures....some people's real lives are way more entertaining than anything that could be written or invented by a creator of television shows! allows us to make Situation jokes out of almost anything.

Case in point:  Dexter's Situation?  He needs some breakfast.  BPN:  Breakfast, Poopie, Nap.  Word.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Tonight was our neighborhood's trick or treat.  Kind of weird on a Thursday, but I guess it always is, so only weird to us newbies.

Last year (and every year since we've been married before then), we went to my parents' house for TOT.  We had been living in a townhouse complex, and the first year, we left candy out in a bowl, and went to my parents'.  We came home and like no candy was gone.  We figured the kids in the complex went other places so we gave up. 

I'll be honest, I miss going to my mom and dad's house!  We loved it so much, and last year Dex (at 6 months) went to like 3 houses and then took a cat nap!  We enjoyed the little trick or treaters in their cute costumes. 

This year, Dexter is walking and very aware of other kids.  Daddy took him out while Mommy manned the candy.  The neighbors (according to my hubby) got a kick out of him, so that was fun!  He went to maybe 6 houses this year (woo!) and then headed back to help Mommy.  Helping Mommy actually meant taking the candy out of the bowl and sorting it into piles by type of candy.  Seriously.  Snickers here, Crunch here, Peanut butter cups here.  He kills me!  Then he was running to greet the kids at the door.  Too cute!

The best part is that since our neighborhood TOT's on Thursday and my parents' is on Saturday, we can double dip and still visit with them on Saturday.  How awesome is that?!?!

Happy Halloween.....err...a few days early!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Have you ever had to wait for something and it seems like you're waiting FOR-EV-ER?? 

Right now, we are trying to be really patient.  If you know me, that's like the most hilarious statement in the world.  With kids?  I'm hugely patient.  With pretty much everything else?  Yeah, not even close.  I micromanage like our whole lives.  Sundays are for grocery shopping and planning each meal during the week.  Dexter's schedule during the week, where he's going, how long he'll be there, who's taking him, getting him, when we'll be home, what he'll eat, wear, do.  Yeah all done.  So when I have a "plan" and I have to wait, I kinda get a little bajigitty.

I'm getting kind of impatient right now about something.  I need to chill.  Seriously.

Maybe if I had 1980's John Cusak, I'd be golden.  Until that happens, I guess I just need to keep relying on God and trying to be patient.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010


Going to a wedding today!!  Pictures to follow!!  My husband and I are actually going to get a date night out, sans our son....we we Loooove!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just wanted to say

Dear Dexter,

I just wanted to let you know that sometimes in this world, you are forced to work with people who do nothing.  They don't even pretend to work.  Sometimes they are unpleasant to be around.  If a problem happens, they will lie and pretend they were working hard and it just slipped by them.  It's okay for you to stand up for yourself.  It's okay to defend yourself.

Just know, it probably won't change a darn thing. 

People can be really mean.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Putting things in persepective...

It's been a long 24 hours.

A lot of people we meet complain about a lot of things.  They complain about work, their kids, their spouse, their messy home.  It's easy to get frustrated with things and blow off some steam by venting to a friend.  Then something happens and we realize the life we have is pretty darn good.

Last night, my brother in law and his girlfriend's apartment burned down.  Thankfully, they were not home, so no injuries occurred, but they've lost a lot.  If this isn't bad enough, you must know, this is the second time in less than a year that the apartment occupied by his girlfriend has burned down.  That's right.  Two different places, two different fires, twice lost all you own. 

Just when you think things are rough, you realize, other people have it a little rougher.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Let's Go Pens!

A chant my husband and I hear often.  We are Pittsburgh Penguins nuts!  We're full season ticket holders.  It's one of those things we do for us, just for our fun and enjoyment.  It's been hard over the past year to get to as many games as I'd like to.  My husband goes more often with a friend than I get to attend, but with Dexter, well you can't leave him alone and a sitter isn't always available when you have 3 games in a week!

We did, however, go to the first home game of the season last week.  It was amazing.  Amazing to see an actual game in the Consol Energy Center.  It was amazing to see every seat filled and people cheering even though the team was losing, and actually lost.  It's such a tribute to Pittsburgh to see that many fans coming out to support the team, even though a few, short years ago, the team was in danger of leaving Pittsburgh.  We often joked in our house that if we won the lottery, we'd donate money to build the new long as they named it after us. 

I think about our love for hockey, and I think about my husband and Dex going to games together.  It makes me smile, because though I'd love to be there, it will be such a special activity for the two of them as he grows up.  I hope that he grows to love our Pittsburgh sports teams as much as we do.  They won the Stanley Cup the year he was born.  It'd be great to see it happen again!  We've been grooming him since day 1!

Where's the Starbucks?

I'm pretty much a morning person.  For the past 2 years (prior to moving) we've been getting up everyday at 4:30.  Just hearing that pretty much makes me want to yawn and snuggle back down under the covers.  Since moving, we are able to sleep comfortably until 5:00.  Every now and then 5:15.  I know some people look at that and are like, WHAT?!?!?!  But for us it's a dream come true!

It kind of makes me laugh sometimes when I hear people complain about having to get up at 7:00.  Not because of that person's idea of early, I mean we all have what's too early for us, but I laugh because I think about how nuts they'd think I am.  We do a lot in the morning and it gives my husband and I some time to chill and just be us, which is nice.  The only thing that's killing me right now is how dark it is in the morning.  When you're driving to work and you see some sun poking out, it doesn't seem like it's that early.  When it's dark?  I feel like I should be back in bed!

The funny thing is I'm not a coffee  I never have been.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I'll have a cup every now and then, but it's decaf and black.  For me, it doesn't make much sense to drink coffee, because I don't touch caffeine.  (Don't shun me from the human race)  If you see me heading for Starbucks, chances are I'm going for some iced non coffee drink.Yum!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Reasons I love being a mom

1.  Baby giggles and toddler snickers
2.  Kisses and hugs
3.  Looks of surprise when he learns something new or something surprising happens
4.  Snuggling
5.  Him rubbing my hair when I cry or seem sad
6.  Laughs when he burps at dinner
7.  Playing outside
8.  Appreciating days off with my boy since I work full time
9.  Seeing his happy face when he wakes up in the morning
10. The word Mama
11. Tickles and laughs
12. Watching him learn how to kick a ball or throw one far
13. Digging in the dirt
14. Walks in the stroller
15. Singing and dancing to the radio in the car
16. Watching him "talk" on the phone
17. Going grocery shopping and hearing him shout "ananas!!" as soon as he spots the bananas
18. Excitement to play with tubbie letters at bath time
19. Watching in amazement as he can find and tell you the letters, A O M E U with his letter blocks
20. Unending love he gives

There are a million reasons to love being a mom.  I could go on forever....I'm stopping at 20 for today.  I figure this a "to be continued..." list.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

One day at the pumpkin patch...

This weekend, we took Dexter to the pumpkin patch.  My mom and dad came with hubby, Dex, and I.  It was soo much fun!  Actually, first we went to this little October Festival thing at our favorite Farm Market.  It's like 40 minutes away from us now, so we kinda double dipped and stocked up on awesomely fresh meat for our freezer too!

Anyway, it was so much fun.  My mom and I took Dexter on a tractor pulled hay ride, which he LOVED.  Seriously, what is it with little boys and cars/tractors?  He was so excited the whole time, it just made my heart melt.  Later on, Daddy (and my mom) took Dexter on a horse and "buggy" ride.  I use that word loosely because essentially it was also a wagon, just a little nicer! 

Then, we headed home for a bit, (my parent's home that is), Dex had some lunch, napped, then off to the pumpkin patch.  Last year, Dex was only around 6 months old, so we could put him in a bunch of pumpkins, he'd smile all cute, we'd take pictures.  This year?  He was much more interested in running around between the pumpkins and trying to pick them up.  It was insanely adorable, but made me a little weepy to see how big my "baby" has grown.  Though, it's really fun to see how excited he gets about everything! 

Oh and just as a was my "baby" at the pumpkin patch last year...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Have I mentioned that I looooooove this weather?

Seriously, is there anything more fun than playing outside with your child?  I love fall.  I LOVE FALL.  Have I mentioned that I LOVE FALL??  There's something about the crisp air, the smell of the trees, the fall just makes me sooo happy!  I'm by no means wishing for cold weather (brrr), I just love that 60ish degree weather that allows for a lot of running outside without insane amounts of sweat!

Dex loves it too!

Honestly, he never stops running...

...or wanting to play ball.  That's an absolute favorite!  He's just learned how to kick the ball too, so that makes the game even more exciting!

Sometimes, I'd love to know what's going on inside his head. 

He loves to go over to our little landscaped area behind the swing and pick up little pieces of bark.  And what does he do with said bark?

He shares of course!

It's almost painful to tell him it's time to go in...

...but to be honest, I think after all the running around, he's usually ready.

How can you not love fall?

Well, I guess it's possible, but not in this house??