Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tubes Round 1

Our little guy had tubes put in his ears today.

We've known this was coming.  Dexter has had entirely too many ear infections, usually two at a time, during his short 2 years.  In a way, it was a blessing.  Hopefully this will bring him some relief, and frankly, allow him to HEAR more clearly.  But let's face it, no parent wants their child to have surgery.

He was such a trooper.  We had to report to Children's Hospital for 10:30, but he didn't end up going back for surgery until closer to noon.  He wasn't allowed to eat anything past 8:00pm the night before.  He could drink water up until 8:30 that morning.  He was not very happy with us this morning.

Once we arrived, they processed us very quickly.  We headed to an exam room where my son decided to crawl/run around telling us the colors of all the floor tiles.  The nursing staff came to do a pre-op physical, which he wasn't thrilled about, but didn't fight.  Then a very kind anesthesiologist (with a very heavy accent) talked us through the procedure. 

From there, we went to the playroom.  Dexter had a whole section to himself and had an absolute blast!  For him, the time flew by.  For us?  Not so much.  We were a bundle of nervous energy and just wanted to get the tubes in and go home.

Finally, around noon they were ready for him.  Quick kisses goodbye, and they put him into a car (not unlike one he has at home) and wheeled him into the OR.  He never cried.  He never even looked scared. 

They told us the whole procedure would take about 10 minutes and then they'd take him to recovery.  He could sleep for 5 minutes or even up to an hour.  Once he woke up, they'd come and get us.  Literally, at 12:15, the doctor came, told us how great everything was, and a few minutes later, we were back with the boy.

How was he???  Crying a little because he was confused, but mostly HE WAS HUNGRY.  He sat and ate a popsicle, fruit snacks, a fruit bar, and the first of 4 graham cracker cookies.  We were discharged and headed home.  Dexter was sleepy in the car, but as soon as we walked in the house, he was a bundle of energy.  You would have never known anything had taken place.

Kids amaze me.

Pictures to follow!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Why?? it so hard to get my 2 year old to take a nice photo to put on a Christmas card??  Last year, he was all about smiling for the camera.  this year?  This is what I get..

I told him I'm going to make this our Christmas card.

Or this...

Oh hi, Mommy...
Silly in his Halloween costume is okay...

I know...I bought the wrong colored light sabre.

Or looking mischievous like this...

He kills me!

Gee, I wonder where he gets it from??

Monday, November 7, 2011

Just another day in paradise...

Positive thoughts right??

I've reaffirmed something over the past two weeks.  Tomorrow, when I call the dietician and am off to an OB appointment, I'm going to prove to them what I've known about myself forever.

Don't tell me I can't do something or that I'm going to fail before I even try.  That only makes me work harder.

In the gestational diabetes process, my OB is involved of course, but the other two major players are the Maternal Fetal specialist and the dietician.  Both of whom were absolutely certain I'd neeeever be able to control my blood sugar with diet alone.  They were so sure I'd be on medicine or insulin quickly.  The dietician, who was very kind, kept reassuring me that it was okay if it happened, it wouldn't be my fault.  We can't control everything.  Even at my last OB appointment (with one of my top 3 favorite doctors in the practice) she kindly let me know that if I couldn't control it, it wasn't my fault.

With so many people against me from the word go, I could've just given up.

Yeah, you all don't know me very well.  Despite hating the rigid eating plan (I mean it's not really a diet), I've done it.  I haven't cheated even one time.  Not once.  Anytime I noticed a combination of foods with the timing of day not working, I immediately altered my meal/snack to find something that worked.  Aside from the 3 spikes over almost 28 meals which I altered, my levels have been spot on.  I'm sorry if I'm gloating a bit, but I'm damn proud!  I know things can change, but I've proved to myself that the goal I set forth, to control GD with diet, could be accomplished.  I know that as the pregnancy continues, my body could start working against me, but I know that so far, I've done it.

Don't ever tell me I won't/can't do something.  I'll try my hardest to show you I can.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

31 Weeks!

We're getting there....9 weeks left.  Well, more like anywhere from 6-8 weeks left.  Dexter was born at 37 weeks due to preeclampsia.  My doctors are pushing for me to get to 37 weeks this time.  My blood pressure has already been a little high, though my last visit it was perfect!!

I've also been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which um, SUCKS.  It may not seem like it would be that bad, but when you're craving something, guess what?  You can't have it.

I eat the same things for every meal, except for dinner.  And dinner?  I only have a little variety there.  The OB says it's not uncommon to feel a lot of anger and sadness.  Yeah, I totally have that dude.  It's hard.  And it's not like regular diabetes.  I've learned that quickly, and the dietician I went to made sure to point that out first and foremost.  The placenta actually blocks my body from doing what it needs to do. 

That is one of the hardest parts I think.  I have diabetic family members and friends who have tried to be so helpful, and I appreciate it!  Unfortunately, GD doesn't necessarily work like that.  The other day, I was low on peanut butter so I didn't have exactly 3 tablespoons for lunch.  My blood sugar, which is normally between 100-107 at my hour past lunch check, was 157.  Nothing else in my lunch was different.  Can you believe that one factor completely killed my bs?  It did!  That's how strict this is.  I can't even just eat vegetables when I'm hungry.  I can't have cheese and milk in the same meal.  Other than strict times with perfect balance, I can't eat fruit. 

I'm so trying not to be public with all of this, because I know there are people who have it worse than me by a long shot.  But, frankly, it's hard.  And it's even worse when someone says, "you only have 9 weeks left."  It may not seem like a lot but it's a 189 meals of suck.  That's a heck of a lot of suck.  And tears.

Anyone want to bring me some Monte Cello's pizza after the baby comes???