Sunday, November 28, 2010

Being Thankful

I have a lot to be thankful for this year....

My wonderful son, Dexter
My amazing husband
My family, whom I love
My friends who support me

I can go on and on, but for me, the newest thing I am incredibly thankful for, is knowing that the serious medical problems I was facing, have turned out for the positive.  I was sick with fear at the doctor 2 days before Thanksgiving.  I could barely get through the day at work.  I was almost physically sick driving to the appointment.  I wanted to cancel so that I didn't have to face what could be horrible news.  By 6:00 pm, I finally got good news.  So I'm thankful for that and all the prayers that I received despite the fact, that really, no one knew what was going on. 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

That's how this peacock dances, ha cha cha cha!

I don't think it's any secret that my kid, like many kids, loooves to be outside.  He would rather be outside running and playing than doing almost anything else. 

November has been putting a damper on that.  My husband and I both work full time, outside the home.  Dexter is either with a grandparent, or since my dad's surgery especially, with our 2 day a week (lately 3 day a week sitter).  We get home and we have dinner and it seems 30 minutes later, it's dark!  Plus it's been raining.  Plus it's been cold.  I feel bad for the poor little guy!  All he wants is to run around outside, roll on the ground, and play in the dirt.  I ask you, is that too much to ask???

So last night, before dinner, we decided cold or no cold, dark or no dark, we're going outside darn it!  And outside we went.  I mean it's not like it's 10pm or something.  It was like 5:00, but still dusky.  I had been out earlier and it was kind of pleasant, so on goes the heavy hoodie and a coat and out we go.  Ummm...yeah it's dropped like 10 degrees.  So, out comes the winter coat which goes over the hoodie.  We're ready to rock and roll.

He had a blast!  I had to run and get the camera.  Watching him run around red faced and excited to be out in the crisp air was worth mommy and daddy being cold.  He was only out for about 30 minutes, because he needed to have dinner and jeez it was cold, but he had a blast!

This morning, after he had breakfast and we let it warm up a bit (um yeah, it so did not warm up at all!), the sweatshirt, winter coat, hat, back on and out we go.  He ran outside for almost an hour before he was just too cold to take it!  He's such a cold trooper.  I'm hoping he has as much fun in the snow this year!

Pre-winter coat when we were like, OMG it's cold out here!


Let's play ball, Daddy!

Up in the air!

Too cute!

Hi Mommy!  I'm not c-c-c-cold.

I see you inside!

No coming in for me yet!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just a little note to say.....

I wish that for 40 minutes during the day, in the workplace, there could be a quiet spot to go to, where no one would bother you.  No one would come looking for you to ask you any type of question.  No phones would ring.  You could do whatever you wanted to for 40 minutes....but NO WORK.  None.  No work at all.  40 minutes of time where you could do whatever you wanted to do and that was it.  Zero interruptions.  I think that would make people more productive!

Maybe it's a weird request, but if I honestly had 40 minutes during the day where I could just simply exist, rest, read, whatever I needed.  (As I sit here and am interrupted for the 4th time during my 20 minute lunch).  I think it would give me that greatly needed time to reboot.  I dunno, just an idea!

Oh and just because it's been awhile since I posted a picture of my child (darn no time to unload pictures from my camera!) here's one from a month ago or so...

Friday, November 12, 2010

It's coming fast!!

Hard to believe that we are less than 2 weeks from Thanksgiving!  Which also means, Christmas is sneaking up on us!  Personally, I don't think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving, because it happens to be my favorite holiday.  However, I have started to get the inevitable, what does Dexter need, questions.

This year, I'm having trouble with that!  He's 19 months old.  He plays with his blocks, big leggos, trucks, etc.  He likes to play outside, but has outside toys.  What on earth do we tell people to get him?!?!?!?  We need ideas!  I mean we always list clothing, because he grows like a weed, but people want other ideas too.  I get him tons of books through Scholastic.  I just don't know.

We thought about a sled so we could pull him around the yard.  I thought about maybe a little bowling set since he loves to roll his little soccer ball around and stuff. 


Monday, November 8, 2010

Funny things

Dexter cracks us up all the time.  One of my favorite blogs to read is written by a college friend Jennifer.  I love reading her humorous posts concerning her children.  I love the idea and will be "borrowing" it for the day!

*Dexter's loves to "help" us clean.  As you can imagine, the help we get from a 1 year old is minimal.  His new things is to run and turn on the vacuum cleaner and then run like a crazy man to the couch, which he practically jumps up on, and then laughs like a crazy man.  Hilarious!

*Typically, if you ask Dexter for a hug and a kiss, he runs into your arms and gives you one.  Lately, he will run until he is just out of arm's reach, stop, tilt his head to you, and then be on his way.  We call it the drive-by kiss.

*If you ask Dexter to see his belly, not only does he pull up his shirt, he pats it like it's a beer gut.  And he's very proud of it.

*He also likes to give you the sneaky toot.  As in, walk past, stop briefly, and toot.  He laughs.  He is all boy.

*Whenever Dex drops something or something goes wrong, he says "Ohhh no"  though not quite that clearly. 

that's all I can come up with for now...I should keep a list!  He cracks us up entirely too much!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What is the answer? Is there an answer??

In schools right now, bullying is a huuuuge issue.  I'm sure you've seen on the news tragic stories about kids (I don't care if they are 19 and in college they are KIDS) who have ended their own lives due to constant bullying from others.

I remember kids being bullied in high school.  I don't think the term "bullying" had been coined yet.  But, I remember it happening.  I also remember hearing through the grape vine that parents complained to school administration and nothing was done.  The kid being bullied was either "the outcast" or "didn't fit in with the popular kids."  Seriously?  I know it's easy to brush it under the table, but in my opinion (as a teacher and as a mother) you have to investigate thoroughly each suspected case of bullying.  You MUST. 

I think what's happening is that the word bullying is thrown around so casually these days that it's kind of like the boy who cried wolf.  That's a shame.  Kids can be MEAN.  I've seen kids be mean.  As an adult.  I've sat in meetings, with parents, of kids who admitted to the horrible things they have done to other kids (not in my current school), and the parents were still insistent that their child was not bullying. 

Where is this going?  Today my kids had a class with a wonderful woman and the topic was bullying.  I saw some children "get it."  I saw some kids looking sick to their stomachs, like, omigosh, I've totally been a bully.  I saw some kids who just plain didn't get it.  So we have to ask ourselves, how do we stop this from happening?  Some schools try.  Some parents try.  Some schools and parents do nothing.  What do we do?

I'm terrified that some day, Dexter is going to go to school and be bullied.  (If he ever becomes a bully, you can bet we will be bringing the parent rule down HARDCORE.)  Really though...if you're a parent of a child who is bullied, or if you were bullied....what keeps the child safe?  How do we keep our kids safe?  How do we prevent tragedies from happening?  How do we keep our kids safe and happy?  How?