Thursday, October 22, 2009

Trying to keep excitement to a minimum...

I really have to be better with my blog. Right now, we're having crazy sporadic internet problems. Most people would jump on getting that taken care of. We aren't bothering with it right now...why??


I'm trying really hard not to be too excited (did it show through??) We meet with our mortgage broker tonight and our inspection is scheduled for Saturday. What a great way to spend a weekend right?

Here's the thing. We have been renting a townhouse for the past 3 years. Many people ask why?? Well a few reasons. When Rob and I first got married, we knew we had entirely too much crap for an apartment. Unfortunately, Rob works in Moon Township and I, at the time, was working in Natrona Heights. There really wasn't a good "happy medium" place to live. I knew this wasn't a forever teaching job, so we didn't want to bu a house and then have to turn around and try to sell it in 2 years. Luckily, 2 years later, I found a new teaching job in Cranberry Township. This was great because it allowed us to move closer to Rob's work, and in turn, closer to mine. That is the back story.

We've been house hunting since way before Dexter was born. I know, that's crazy. Our realtor actually told us that we're in the top 5 for most number of houses any of his clients have seen. We're talking, multiple folders in the file. Please know, we aren't insanely picky people (well Rob isn't). This is the 4th house we've been interested in. The first? Goregous. Overly improved for the area. The second? Bank owned foreclosure. This house would have been an awesome buy, but the bank was hell bent on being jerks and we finally gave up. We wasted 2 months fighting over price. The third? GIGANTIC. In the process of our offer, they decided to take the house off the market indefinitely. !??! So, when we decided to go after this house, I wasn't very optimisitc.

We actually went to see this house over a month ago, the first day it could be shown. It was a hard day. Dexter was with us, it was rainy, we were still fighting with the bank on the foreclosed property. Rob looooooooved this house. I, honestly, didn't remember much about it, because I was tired and taking care of Dexter. The owner built the house with her husband 34 years ago and was actually in the house with a friend when we visited because she's in her 80's and though she still drives, doesn't get around too well. Last Sunday, I decided we should go see it again (along with some others) because, quite honestly, I really didn't remember much about it.

The moment we walked in, I think we were smitten. The house is in pristine condition. There are gorgeous hardwood floors throughout. A few rooms have carpeting, but give the age of the house vs. the age of the carpet, we have a feeling that hardwood lurks underneath them. The yard is HUGE and level. At any rate, we called our realtor (who was out of town, his assistant was with us that day) and he said he'd be home later and to meet him at his office at 7pm. We met, made our offer, and prepared to wait. With the foreclosure, we were used to waiting 2 weeks before we heard anything. Jack assured us, we'd hear something the next day. By Monday evening? We were under contract!

Now comes panic mode. Because we were renting, we qualify for the first time home buyers tax credit. The only problem? We HAVE to close by November 30. (holycrapfreakingout) So please for the love of all that is holy, PRAY FOR US THAT THIS WORKS OUT. We won't lose the house or anything, but we would be losing $8000. That's a great gift that we would be devastated to lose. Really, I'd cry.

I'm still afraid of jinxing us, so no pictures until we have a closing, but all I have to say is, I will soon be 14 minutes away from work, have enough space for all our crap, and I can't wait!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

What's going on with Family Guy??

I will freely admit that I love Family Guy. Most of the girls I am friends with think I'm crazy, but that's okay. I learned a long time ago not to worry about other people's opinions. As long as what I'm doing isn't hurting other people, I'm fine.

Anyway, I used to love Family Guy. Seth MacFarlane is a funny guy. I appreciate his crass humor. We have every season out on dvd. Rob introduced me to this show after the fact. I'm not sure why I first missed out on it, other than I may have heard the title and thought the show was something other than it was. At any rate, I loved all of his ripoffs of movies and tv shows. I love the fact that Stewie is a confused, strange, little kid. Until recently...

Is it just me or is this show simply not as funny as it used to be? Every once in awhile, I will laugh, but for the most part, I just don't laugh as much as I used to. That makes me sad. We don't have a ton of tv shows we really watch regularly, but this was one of them. As I have it on right now, I find myself blogging instead, because I'm simply not entertained.

I guess I'll just have to fall back on with House.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My baby :)

Seriously cute kid!


I don't want to work anymore, at least, not 5 days a week. Yesterday at work, I came to an emotional breaking point with my postpartum and ended up going home before there were even kids in the room. Today marks my second day off (a planned day) and I can honestly say, I love being home with Dexter. I like checking on him during his morning nap. I like changing poopie diapers. I like playing on the floor. I like it all.

Please don't think I'm saying I hate my job. I don't. I love teaching. I just wish I could do it part time, like 2 days a week until all the kids we decide to have are in school. That would be my perfect world. I just don't know how to get it.

On a side note, will be soon posting my most favorite picture of my son to date. And no, it isn't a professional shot. :)