Sunday, August 15, 2010

Consol Energy Center rocks my socks

Today, we (Dex, hubby, me!) got to tour the new Consol Energy Center for the first time.  Too cool!  We got to sit in our seats to see the view for the next zillion years.  We toured some awesome suites.  We hung out in the Lexus club for awhile.  The elevator operator even "accidentally" took us down to the locker room level.  oops.  Not that we could go inside or anything, but it was kind of cool to spy a bit. 

Dexter's favorite part of the day was when we parked his stroller by the windows overlooking Mellon Arena.  He leaned forward and watched the city traffic (cars and people) and just babbled in his Dexter talk about everything he saw.  My favorite part??? 

That, is priceless.  We're not glass pounders (um yeah, we also don't sit there), but it was great to bring him to CEC.  It's great to introduce him to the Pen's new home!

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