Tuesday, August 31, 2010

If life was like a sitcom....

All of our problems would be solved in 30 min.  More like 20 with commercial breaks.

I'm very thankful right now.  I can't go into great detail because it's not my place to publicly call out a person who has done some very bad things in the past year.  Let's just say, thank goodness that person isn't around me anymore!  But, I am thankful because a situation that this person caused me to be in, seems to be resolved...or on it's way.  This has been a two year struggle due to negligence. 

While this was all happening, it didn't seem so bad.  Saturday night?  The stress hit me like a truck.  Sunday night?  Worse than Saturday.  Monday during the day?  Manageable, but stressful.  My poor husband.  He's been taking the brunt of my stress because, well, Dexter can't help me with my stress and he's the only other person in the house.  He may be happier than I that things have been worked out.  (but probably not!)

I was thinking about all of this as Full House (go ahead make fun) was playing in the background.  It's one of my omgdoiactuallywatchthis embarrassing tv shows I have on sometimes.  As I was listening to the Tanner's work out the problems of the day, in a wonderfully joyful manner, I couldn't help but wonder why I couldn't have a solution like that every now and then.

For instance picture this scenario.......(if this was Full House, we'd have some wicked 90's fade screen)

Comcast has come over to install our cable, internet, and telephone.  The tech accidentally drills a hole through our air conditioning compressor line.  (true story...totally happened.)  The tech feels bad and calls his boss.  Husband and I lament about what rotten luck we have while our son tries to steal cookies from the kitchen, even though he's only 16 months old.  We catch him in the act and sit down and talk about being honest and eating healthy.  (interrupted a few times by commercials for soap, tv shows, vitameatavegamin, whatever)  Tech comes back in with his boss.  The two of them hunker down and magically fix the entire system, with all new equipment.  The entire process takes about 2 minutes.  They offer the truck and tractor pull channel for a year for free.  We accept and are all, you got it dude.  They leave.  My husband sits with Dexter and I on the couch and we share a warm, family moment discussing how honesty is the best policy and how we can learn from the honesty of the cable guy.  We all go in the kitchen and have a cookie.  Fade to black.

Now isn't that a wonderful scenario?  No mention of the sweating like mad for a month in 90 degree weather and then waiting two months (yes we are STILL WAITING) for your reimbursement check.  (it's in the mail....I mean yeah, seriously, we only cut checks on Fridays!  it's not our fault!)  No mention of rude managers or well meaning, but clueless customer service reps who are not helpful at all.  Ahhh..if life were only like a sitcom.  All problems neatly wrapped up and solved in 30 minutes or your money back!

You know what?  I'll take the excitement.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

There once was a boy named Dexter...

Such a cute face!

Hi Mommy!

Oh and he gets it honestly....

But, they're a good pair...

Whatever will we do when the weather turns cold?

Oh, who cares!  We're just enjoying the moment!

We love him more than words can say.

I wonder why? <3

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Consol Energy Center rocks my socks

Today, we (Dex, hubby, me!) got to tour the new Consol Energy Center for the first time.  Too cool!  We got to sit in our seats to see the view for the next zillion years.  We toured some awesome suites.  We hung out in the Lexus club for awhile.  The elevator operator even "accidentally" took us down to the locker room level.  oops.  Not that we could go inside or anything, but it was kind of cool to spy a bit. 

Dexter's favorite part of the day was when we parked his stroller by the windows overlooking Mellon Arena.  He leaned forward and watched the city traffic (cars and people) and just babbled in his Dexter talk about everything he saw.  My favorite part??? 

That, is priceless.  We're not glass pounders (um yeah, we also don't sit there), but it was great to bring him to CEC.  It's great to introduce him to the Pen's new home!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Silly boy!

This is actually a few weeks old.  Dexter was running around his playroom, which I couldn't believe considering it was during the a/c debacle and like 90 degrees in the house!  I love how he does the little "goose step" run.  Such a cutie!  Then again, I am biased!

Friday, August 6, 2010

You were always on my mind.....

Last night, I had a terrible time getting to sleep!  Literally, my eyes finally closed around 4:30 am.  Thank goodness my husband took some vacation time this week, because I needed the extra hour of sleep.

I'm the type of person that when I get something in my mind, I can't relax until it's at least mentally solved.  Last night?  Couldn't do it!  I've been trying really hard not to let stress get to me.  But last night, yikes!  And it was the dumbest thing ever, but could prove to be 8 months worth of constant worry!  I know, you're dying to know what it is, and truly, it's so silly, but I just have no solution and may not for a few months.

Hopefully, things will work themselves out.  I mean, usually, that seems to be what happens.  We get all worked up about something that doesn't even matter, and it turns out to be an easy solution!  Like the day we closed on our house??  I was a wreck.  My stomach hurt for at least two solid hours.  I think because we had so many disappointments with house hunting that it didn't seem like closing could be so simple!  Never so easy!

What do you do to destress?  Me?  Watch hgtv, websuf, and read.  Ha!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Showing some love

It's such a great feeling to be up and running again online.  For real.  Not only online, but ta da!  Wireless! 

I'm trying to get myself back into the blogging world and making it a goal to update more often.  How better to do that than to share my new favorite blog.  Now when I say "new" know that I've been reading this blog for awhile now, but had no way of sharing it. 

When the Mr. and I bought our house, I started googling decorating websites.  I have a lot of ideas with magazines and what we like, but I thought it would be interesting to see what I could find online.  I wound up with a lot of professional designers.  Now, while that's awesome, I knew that's not quite what we were going for.  I was looking more along the lines of DIY, with a more personal feel.  That's when I was informally introduced to John and Sherry.

Now know that John and Sherry have absolutely no clue who I am.  John and Sherry have an awesome blog called YoungHouseLove.  I don't want to give away too much about them, but please, if you have an opportunity, visit their blog.  They are an inspiration as far as DIYer's go!  I wish they were our neighbors! 

Anyway, I hope you'll check out their amazing blog.  Peer into the transformations their home has undergone.  I promise you, it's worth a look!  Or three....

Monday, August 2, 2010

where on earth did summer go??

It's been entirely too long since my last update.

We've "successfully" moved into our new house!  since then, we were without cable, phone, and internet for over a month while we decided what would be the best deal for us.  I can't help it...we're thrifty like that! That's when the craziness began.

First, lovely  Comcast drilled through our a/c compressor line, which blew our entire a/c system.  (Insert several rude people telling us how we shouldn't be upset about that because we're lucky just to have a/c.  Um, hello?  We purchases a house with a/c because we wanted it, and frankly, we want it working!)  Since then, Comcast techs have been here oh 4, 5, 6 times?  And there have been 57 zillion phone calls trying to get our service to work.  Literally, every day it's either the cable's out, on demand is out, we have no sound, there's a huge white box across the screen, internet has no connection, no phone service.  I'm not kidding.  So needless to say, the blog has taken a back seat this summer!

As I type, our air conditioning repair guys are working downstairs.  Thank God!!  Hopefully this time tomorrow, we'll be smooth sailing!  Although, I do detect a pretty foul odor wafting up the stairs.  Hope it dissipates quickly.  Oh crap, now our smoke alarm is going off downstairs.

And through all of this banging, smelliness, alarms, Dexter, my lovely boy, is sleeping peacefully upstairs.  Really, he just seems to have a stomach bug and therefore, is insanely tired.  The poor little guy threw up this morning, which he never does.

Hopefully, tomorrow will bring a healthy child, a comfortable home, and a happy family!