Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Must be nice..."

I've come to realize something over the past few years. The most heinous phrase in the world is, "Must be nice." Sadly, at times, this phrase can be used nicely, as in, wow that must have been a nice day! I would be willing to say that 90% of the time it's used, it's not used in a kind manner. Frankly, I'm kind of getting sick of hearing "must be nice."

What has brought this up? People asking questions, expecting answers, and then responding with "must be nice." "How's the house search going?" We talk about things and then get the, "must be nice to be able to buy a new house with how things are these days." ummm....why'd you ask then? "How's Dexter?" We joyously talk about our first born and only child with the same animation and dorky giddiness that all parents do. "Must be nice to have a child that sleeps so well." ummm....okay. "Must be nice to have Pens tickets." "Must be nice to go shopping." "Must be nice, must be nice, must be nice." Seriously, can we eliminate this phrase from our lives???

I don't understand why people are always so snarky! If you don't want to know, don't ask. We aren't bragging. We aren't buying a $123,098,287 house. I wish. Anyone that owns one, can we move in? :) Our child isn't perfect! Today he decided 6:30 would be a good time to get up to play and has been crab-man-do all day long because he's tired. We deal with it! Yes, we have Pens season tickets, but we won't be going to too many games this year due to baby and will be selling many. I just don't get why people have to poo poo on anything good in your life.

Here's a wake up call. I have stuff. We all have stuff in our lives. Some days, my job is crap. I try not to dwell on it. Our house hunting has been less than stellar. We've lost the same house dealing with a bank (foreclosure) 3 times. We've lost out on 3 other houses due to not making a quick enough offer. We don't begrudge our friends for their new homes. We hope that we too will be joining them! I have been struggling getting back on the weight loss wagon since the baby, because I'm still learning how to juggle full time job, husband, child, house. I don't scoff at my friends who have lost their baby weight. We all have STUFF.

Anyway, that's where I'm at right now. I don't want to hear the phrase "must be nice" at all this week. Instead, how about anyone who feels it creeping up, swallow it down and say something genuinely nice to someone. I try to give as many genuine compliments a day as I can. Because I know how I feel with my stuff on my mind.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

busy day...being lazy

kind of a crazy in which most details are being omitted for now. Dex slept 12 hours (yay!) and way late in the day, we went to the farm market. on our way home, he started screaming so I finally climbed over the seats to see what the issue was. He proceeded to hold my finger the rest of the way home and was happy. que sera sera. so I'm all about the lazy meme.

15 years ago… I was 15, dating a bad boy, basically just enjoying being a teenager!

10 years ago… I was 20, in college, a sorority, spending entirely too much time at Benjamin's (yes I know 20) and hanging out a lot with Jeremy. Good times!

5 years ago…I was engaged to Rob and we were planning our wedding. It was a fun time, but I wouldn't give up being with him every day for anything.

3 years ago… I was 27, in graduate school, and only 2 months into my marriage. We went on a fantastic honeymoon and had settled into our townhouse, that we are now desperately trying to move out of!

1 year ago…I was pregnant with Dexter and only a few people knew. I had just started a new job and only my boss and closest friend at work knew I was pregnant as well. It was the beginning of the year that became the most life changing for me.

Yesterday, we took our baby to the house we've been trying to buy for over a month now. It's been a lot of back and forth, but we wanted to see what he "thought" of it. He squealed and was crazy excited from the moment we walked in.

Today, I can't talk too much about. It was crazy, suffice it to say. And MPIL.

Tomorrow, I hope we have more answers. About a lot of things!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

in which I rant about SAA

It's only been a kajillion years since I posted, but things have been NUTS. I have started back to work, which I hate. That's not entirely accurate. I love what I do, but I hate leaving Dexter, even though he's with family. However, after my SAA rant, I do have a super cute story about him.

SAA. Saxonburg Area Authority, known to me only as Saxonburg Area Assholes. Let's explain, shall we? A few weeks ago, we received notices that they were closing the road we live on to do construction (i.e. put in new pipes). The road would be reopened on August 31 and would be available to residents and emergency vehicles. This happens pretty much yearly, so no biggie right?

August 17....SAA rips up the entire road. To be expected. Super! Fun! Neato!

August 18....SAA is MIA.

August 19...oh were we supposed to work today?

August 20...Um, dude, was wondering, is SAA gonna show up today?

August, the road is looking fine with all it's f'ed up goodness.

(anyone noticing a pattern here??)

Let's fast forward to August 28, because no sign of the construction crew until then.

August 28...omg, has hell frozen over? SAA is here. Dexter and I are headed out and being the intuitive person I am, I immediately think, wasn't it supposed to rain like insanely bad today? Before we get where we're going (a 10 minute drive) it begins said pouring. Now, I know it's a complex situation here, but can you guess what happened? Yes, friends, SAA quit working.

August 31...(remember, supposed to be done today) SAA shows up like, sheeeeeeeeeeit. we totally have to finish this job and we have basically done nothing. note the piping laying all over the place and the gravel to finish up still sitting in like 23,453,232 piles in the grass along the road. I finally get home from work to find gigantic holes all over the road. Um, how the hell do I get to our house? I know, let's go in the parking lot where the 1 bedroom efficiencies are and drive through the grass. Ha!

September 1...SAA is like, hmmmm do you think anyone will notice that we're total douche nozzles and that we haven't finished the road? nah, we'll just sneak up on in and keep working. I finally get home from work and once again, there are gigantic holes all over, only this time, I can't even get to the previous day's parking lot. So I turn around and go around the block and sneak in the other side.

September 2...SAA shows up, dude I think they know. crap, dude, just stand around the back hoe and maybe we'll blend and they'll think we're like hanging out. I get home from work. They aren't done and I doubt they will be by the end of the week. Seriously, we live in Pennsylvania, road work is like our state holiday, orange cones/horses our state animals, we know road work. But to do nothing for 2 weeks and then try and make up for it the week all the schools go back. GAH~

Okay, Dexter story. We go to get him this morning and put him in his car seat to go to PapPap's. First of all, he's laying at a 90 degree angle around the corner of his crib, bwahahahahahaha. Rob picks him up and he has managed to get his arm out of his sleeper sleeve and up through the neck hole. It was HILARIOUS. We laughed so hard we woke the baby up, who then looked at us and cracked up. I love it! Then tonight, I was rolling my tongue and making a noise, and he was totally trying to do it. My kid is awesome. Truly, awesome!!!