Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Smash it in!

We won't even get into how bad I suck at blogging.  In my defense, it's because I spend all of my free time with the kids.

Things we're planning right now:

A Birthday party (Annie's FIRST.  omg.)

Yeah that pretty much takes up my whole life when I'm not at work or playing with kids.  Sleep has become optional.  I'll wait while you decide if I'm kidding or not. (Hint:  I'm not.)

I will say though, that part of the anti-sleep thing can't be helped.  Since my last pregnancy, I just can't sleep at night.  I mean, I sleep, but I don't really.  I wake up a zillion times.  I'm up for long periods of time in between.  Most people would be looking for sleep aides, but that's not really my deal.  I'm up daily at 4:45 or 5:00 am anyway, so whatever.  I do feel ever so slightly jealous of my friends who get upset/annoyed that when they have to wake up at 7:00, but eh, whatever.  It's all relative!

So...now that I spend half of the night awake, my mind is always thinking.  I've developed an interest in crafting (or you know a renewed interest since I used to love to craft and diy pre-babies!).  After seeing some cutie tutorials on homemade smash style books.  I could easily buy a smash book, and may yet do so, but I wanted something a little more raw just for the purpose of keeping some ideas in one place that I can take along, not just on Pinterest (which I totally heart).

What I've come up with a covered composition book, that's not quite done yet.  I have one of those marbled type composition books that they sell for like, 50 cents.  I have tons of pretty papers (I half scrap as I call it, the kids photos).  I chose a pattern that was adorbs and covered the book.  I used cardstock for the inside cover so that the ugly inner writing is covered, but I still need to use the cardstock to cover the spine.  Baby steps, right?

The next part is all mine.  I want this book to be a catchall for stuff.  I don't know, but it will be fun.  I quickly (and I apologize for the crap quality, but dude, sometimes 2 seconds is all you have!) took a few photos to show exactly what I'm talking about..enjoy!

And pray my body lets me sleep soon.  Or I may just really start crafting at night.  I might need a craft table.  And to change my name to Paris.

Name the show.

What the front cover will (kinda) look like once I put the binding on (remember under that pretty paper is a black and white marbled cover.  ew)

Front cover without "binding"

Inside front cover

Inside back cover

Back cover minus "binding"

As soon as I get some faves "smashed" I'll post a few photos.  Loving me some cute washi tape!

Oh and just because it's been like 6 months since I posted a picture of my cuties.....

One of our Christmas card photos...

I had to crop daddy's arm out of this one, but another Christmas card photo.  I know I'm biased but these are some cute kids!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Postpartum Depression Answers....

I had horrible postpartum depression with Dexter.  It never affected him, but it was hard dealing with work and stress.  Literally it was a year long struggle.  I thought I'd never feel like myself again.

After I had Annie, I started getting some questions quietly...

I'm ecstatic to report, I have had no postpartum depression this time around.  I did experience the typical baby blues for a few weeks, but they quickly disappeared.  I do appreciate all the kind thoughts and concern.  Not everyone realized how bad the ppd was the first time around, but it's good to know that the support system was there this time!

Any moms out there, please feel free to send me a message if you have any questions about my experience.  I'm happy to talk privately.  If you feel not right, overly emotional, and any feelings of harm to yourself or others, please seek help from your doctor.

Monday, May 28, 2012

And then Life Happened!

I cannot believe it is May and I've been neglecting the blog since March.  We've had some monumental things happen in our household.  The one that's made blogging impossible?  I went back to work.  It is hard to be a mom, a wife, and work.  So, the blog suffers.  I think that's an okay trade.  My time spent online is almost none.  Facebook?  Twitter?  Pinterest?  What are those?

Seriously though, we have monumentally passed Annie's 4th moth and are creeping up on her 5th next week.  Dexter is amazing.  In every way.  He has become the best big brother that any girl ever had.  His first day at the sitter's house, a little 18 month old boy she also watches came to look at Annie and he told him in no uncertain terms to "Go Away."  I love him!  Speaking of milestones and Dexter, my baby turned 3 in April.  Oh my.  What is happening?  My babies are getting so big.

The best way to handle my non posting is to overload you with pictures.  Choosing the best ones is going to be hard.  Bear with me and love on my babies!

St. Patrick's Day....They came with me and Grandma to a Pampered Chef Bingo and were perfect angels!

Annie was baptized...those are her godparents she is with!

Annie had been rolling belly to back for a long time..literally.  From 6 days old.  And turned 3 months.  She's so strong!

Dexter turned 3.  We had a little home celebration on the day.  Easter kinda happened.  Quickly!  We went to the zoo for his birthday, and had a little bash in our house!  And yes, there is an elusive me in a picture.  Don't judge.  Baby weight!

We played outside....

Annie turned 4 months old!  and started rolling back to belly.  Crazy!

Did I mention we played outside?  A lot?

And yeah...life happened!  If you look closely, you will also see Annie has 2 teeth!  Please forgive the lack of updating...we've been enjoying our babies...maybe when summer arrives, I'll be better!  But if not, yeah, this is where I'll be!