Monday, May 28, 2012

And then Life Happened!

I cannot believe it is May and I've been neglecting the blog since March.  We've had some monumental things happen in our household.  The one that's made blogging impossible?  I went back to work.  It is hard to be a mom, a wife, and work.  So, the blog suffers.  I think that's an okay trade.  My time spent online is almost none.  Facebook?  Twitter?  Pinterest?  What are those?

Seriously though, we have monumentally passed Annie's 4th moth and are creeping up on her 5th next week.  Dexter is amazing.  In every way.  He has become the best big brother that any girl ever had.  His first day at the sitter's house, a little 18 month old boy she also watches came to look at Annie and he told him in no uncertain terms to "Go Away."  I love him!  Speaking of milestones and Dexter, my baby turned 3 in April.  Oh my.  What is happening?  My babies are getting so big.

The best way to handle my non posting is to overload you with pictures.  Choosing the best ones is going to be hard.  Bear with me and love on my babies!

St. Patrick's Day....They came with me and Grandma to a Pampered Chef Bingo and were perfect angels!

Annie was baptized...those are her godparents she is with!

Annie had been rolling belly to back for a long time..literally.  From 6 days old.  And turned 3 months.  She's so strong!

Dexter turned 3.  We had a little home celebration on the day.  Easter kinda happened.  Quickly!  We went to the zoo for his birthday, and had a little bash in our house!  And yes, there is an elusive me in a picture.  Don't judge.  Baby weight!

We played outside....

Annie turned 4 months old!  and started rolling back to belly.  Crazy!

Did I mention we played outside?  A lot?

And happened!  If you look closely, you will also see Annie has 2 teeth!  Please forgive the lack of updating...we've been enjoying our babies...maybe when summer arrives, I'll be better!  But if not, yeah, this is where I'll be!

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  1. What great photos! You've captured some great shots!