Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Part 2!

**Warning....Picture Heavy Post!**

We woke up on December 26 with would Dex be today?

Um hello?  A  I am so not kidding.  He was running around being a nut!  How did present opening go?  Well, he helped with one or two, but he had so much pent up energy from being sick the past two days I don't think he was capable of sitting still and doing something as calm as opening presents. 

We discussed our options.  A.  Wait until later (possibly tomorrow) and see if he'll open them then.  B.  Say screw it and open them ourselves.  Yeah, we totally just opened his presents.  He ran around in circles around the house paused every now and then to glance at what we had opened.  Oh yeah, did I mention  HE WAS NUTS?!?!?!

Spinning in circles...

Yay!  Presents!

There's the action shot!

Who knows what's going through his mind?

Not the camera again!


The epitome of Christmas Craziness!

Thank God for doctors and medicine!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Part 1

We had an "eventful" Christmas holiday to say the least.  It began for us on Christmas Eve.  We were hosting one part of Rob's family for Christmas Eve dinner.  We had been working for days and really worked more in the first 4 hours we were up than most people do all day, I swear. 

Around 3:00, Dex started crying.  And crying.  And crying.  Now, this may seem kind of like, so?  But you have to understand.  Here are the reasons Dexter cries:  a.  hungry  b.  poopie diaper  c.  hurt  d.  sick.  (I know throw something at me right now and tell me just wait).  He wasn't hungry, and in fact turned down a snack.  Diaper was clean and good to go.  He hadn't fallen or gotten hurt in anyway.  That leaves sick.

We brought him up and took a temperature.  102 immediately.  Okay, maybe the thermometer is weird...let's try again.  102.  Crap.  We called our pediatrician's service (it's Christmas Eve so as expected, they're closed).  While we wait, we give him some tylenol and a cool bath.  Dr. calls back, we chat for a bit, we did the right things.  He's tugging his ear, so he suggests we take him to the Children's urgent care in Wexford.  We called.  Closed.  Called Dr. back as instructed.  Dr. was furious that urgent care was closed on Christmas Eve, but hey what can you do.  He told us to watch him but call back if things got worse.

The medicine obviously kicked in, and though he was still warm, he seemed to be feeling better.

Family came, we ate, had a great time, and gift exchange started.  Dex started crying.  And crying.  And crying.  Time for tylenol?  Yes.  Takes some and sits with Grandma.  Falling asleep.  Rob and I figure, yeah it's an hour early, but maybe we just start bedtime.  After his bath, I start dressing Dex and what do I see?  A rash.....from his belly button down.  Oh no.  And he's on fire again.  Take the temperature?  102.7.  Crap.  We didn't even hesitate.  Threw clothes and a coat on him, wished or guests a Merry Christmas and headed to the ER. 

The verdict?  Ear infection, virus, viral rash.  Antibiotics.  Which we can't fill until Sunday, so thankfully we were sent on our way with some pre-measured medicine.  The bad?  Constant screaming in the ER.  He was so scared of everything they did:  pulse, temp, blood pressure, examination (rash had spread the whole way up his torso by this time).  The poor kid was so happy to get home.  I think his screaming helped us be seen faster!

Christmas day?  One sick kid.  He never opened a single Santa present.  He opened a few from the Grandparents since they were there and cried a lot. 

We figured, last year took us two days, so you know what?  So can this year!  Stay tuned for pt. 2.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Just need to let go a bit...

I try very hard not to complain.  Especially here.  It's not a spot for complaining.  However, we have had the worst. weekend. ever.

Actually, it started out great.  I met one of my favorite friends in the world for lunch.  We met at the Olive Garden and then sat and talked for over 2 hours.  It was necessary and fabulous!  Afterwards, i stopped by Kohl's to finish some Christmas shopping.  I waited in an extremely long line, holding heavy things because there were no carts.  I come out, put my things in my car, put the key in the ignition. 


Oh maybe I didn't turn it far enough.  Try again!


Crap.  I was parked in possibly the worst place ever where there was no possible way I could get a jump.  I called the hubs.  He came with the baby.  We traded cars while he called his dad and went into the store.  I was too upset to deal with anything.  He sent us home.  He and his dad got it all worked out and a new battery put in.  We pray to God that was what was wrong and we're done with it.

Today, baking cookies.  Trying to finish up.  Set the dishwasher to wash while I'm working.  Have dinner.  go to empty dishes after dinner.

Oh you mean an inch of standing water in the dishwasher isn't a good thing?


Have I mentioned we're hosting Christmas Eve dinner in 4 days? 

I welcome 2011, because 2010 is really crapping out on us.  :(

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Have I mentioned that I looove the Pittsburgh Penguins?

Today was one of those days that pretty much rocked.  Why? 

I'm not sure if you know this, but the Penguins organization is pretty much awesome.  Every year they host an open practice and invite local schools to come, watch them practice.  They don't just do that though.  They teach them about teamwork, healthful habits, practice being the key to success, studying hard in school.  They talk about where the players went to college, and the players themselves talk about how it's important to be skilled in something so that if one day, they can't play hockey, they have the ability to work elsewhere if need be.  (Ask my husband who used to work with  Troy Loney.  TROY LONEY.  who when he met him was like, "oh you YOU are the Rob *****")

They show the kids practice drills and how to set up faceoffs and power plays.  And seriously, it's not just a few players, it's the whole team.  Sidney Crosby smiles and laughs as all the kids are cheering "Crosby, Crosby, Crosby!!"  They throw pucks and tshirts to the kids.  Sometimes they hand sticks over the glass.  10,000 kids, all getting to see their heroes, for free, every year.  Some of these kids may Never set foot in Consol Energy Center except for this day.

You can't tell me that doesn't rock just a little.  Even if you despise Pittsburgh and our sports teams, come on.  That truly rocks.

Thanks goes out to the Pittsburgh Penguins for their generosity.  I can tell you, my kids will talk about this for the rest of the year.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A clone? Why sure!

Why is it that at Thanksgiving it's like, oh we have tons of time before Christmas.

Here I am with like what a little over two weeks and A MILLION THINGS TO DO.  I do this every stinking year.  I am not kidding.

Up pops my other favorite part of the year.  Every year, right about this time, it starts.  Cough, cough, cough.  Sniffle, sniffle.  Gag, gag.  Yes, I begin to get sick and by Christmas?  It's full blown chest cold.  Being that I just had pneumonia, I'm hoping this goes fast.  I can't afford to have pneumonia again.  In fact, I won't.  Sorry!  Passing on this one.

I have way too much to do in 2 weeks.  Anyone want to help?  I offer free homemade Christmas cookies!!  :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The one in which I am a huge idiot...

I hinted at a fun tale, and figured, enough time has passed so that I can now laugh at this story.

Let me preface this by saying, I have only locked my keys in the car one time besides this story.  Yes, I am aware I have just jinxed myself from now until eternity.  The last time I did this, I was 16 or 17.  My mom asked me to go to Pennsmart (now Planet Mart, I think) to get a newspaper or something.  I went.  I turned off the car,  put the keys in my purse, and proceeded to dump it all over the seat.  I never noticed the keys fell out, though I did upon looking in the window when I tried to get back in.  It was so long ago I had to use a PAY PHONE to call for help.  (yes, yes, I am officially old enough to remember using a pay phone).

Let me set the scene for you.  We were still living in the good old S-burg.  I had picked Dex up from the sitter and Rob passed through Cranberry on his way home from work.  This huuuuge storm (that subsequently had us trapped indoors for like a week afterwards) was just beginning to hit.  I knew we were running low on formula and wanted to get some so that our child could eat.  I had this brilliant plan that my husband could meet us at Giant Eagle in Seven Fields, take Dex home in his lovely SUV, and then I'd quickly hit the store, get some necessities and follow in my puny car that I love so leave me alone.  It seemed like complete genius!  Dex would get off the road in the safe car, and only I would be left to try and get home.

We made the hand off and I went into GE to get my shopping done.  It was a little nuts, as one could expect, but not too bad because I wasn't really looking for the things most people were looking for.  I headed to the checkout where I waited longer than usual, but really not that long.

I went out to my car, carefully because amazingly a ton of snow had fallen and the parking lot was slippery!  I unlocked my car, put my groceries inside, and sat in the driver's seat to start the car and warm up.  Problem.  The car was completely covered with snow, despite the fact that I hadn't been in the store all that long.  I decided to get out and scrape, but leave the car running because of how fast the snow was falling.  I finally got my car uncovered, when i went to get back in the car.  Um, wtf.  Why is my door locked?  My keys are in the ignition.  Crap, well I'll just call.....omg.  My purse is in the car.  My cell phone is in my purse.  My car is running, I have no purse, no phone.  I am 30 minutes (on a good day) away from home.  I had no clue what to do. 

I decided to head back in the store (based on my first experience with keys locked in a car) and call for help from a pay phone.  Problem.  There is no pay phone because HELLO it's 2010.  Crap.  Now what?  Ask an employee for help.  Um yeah, they are basically ignoring me because there are 203840293802138402380 people in the store.  Seriously.  Now what do I do?  I will ask someone to use their cell phone to call my husband, my parents, someone.  I asked.  And asked.  And asked.  20+ people later?  Not one person would let me use their cell phone.  I am NOT KIDDING.  I showed them my car, running, purse in it, door locked, and NOTHING.  Oh and fyi, my coat was in the car.  I literally kept trying employees/manager/kind souls and nothing.  I was to the point that I wanted to cry or go try and flag down a cop on the road or something, when standing by my car I see an SUV pull in with parents and children.  All I could think was, this is a mom, with her kids, she will definitely get it right?  I explained my dilemma and asked if I could please borrow her cell phone to make a call.  I offered my shoes as collateral.  She laughed and said of course. 

Now I must stop a moment and explain why she said yes.  She was a parent from the school I work at and recognized me.  Fabulous, and here I was thinking I'd never see these people again and therefore could forever hide my embarrassment!

Believe me, this story is far from over.  She hands me her phone and then I draw a blank.  Problem.  Even though I call it like 34 trillion times a day, I cannot remember my husband's cell phone number.  (I knew he wasn't home yet).  Crap. Okay, even though I know he's not home, I call home.  Answering machine.  Crap.  I call my parent's house.  Answering machine.  CRAP.  And also I can't remember their cell phone numbers either.  Seriously, I am not usually this stupid.  While all this is happening, the mom is looking at me like, dude I hope this woman never teaches my kid.  (or in reality like, this poor girl who is so stupid, I feel bad for her.  I should like buy her a clue or something)  Then, it comes to me.  My husband gave me and easy way to remember his cell number involving Penguins players jersey numbers.  (yes we really are that weird).  I tried it and praise to all that can be, I'm right.  Crying (I can't help it by now) I tell him what happened and that I need help.  He is about half way home because the roads suck.  He's ready to turn around, but I was like no, Dex needs to be home and safe.  He tells me he will get ahold of one of my parents to watch the baby and come and get me.  Thank GOD!  I thank the parents and decide to hang out and wait.

Problem.  It's cold.  Problem.  I'm afraid to leave my running car with all my personal purse stuff.  Eh, I'm close enough to the door that I can watch it.  You would think by now I'd be okay, but no.  Why??  Because I have no cell phone, I have no clue when my husband will be there.  It felt like hours.  I have no clue how long it actually was.  I kept running back and forth between car and store so that I felt like I was doing something, I guess and passing the time.  I tried not to look idiotic standing there, like, wtf am I doing?  I tried singing songs in my head and counting floor tiles, pretending I obviously had some big important job.  I kept returning to my car to clean it off, because you know I still had that stupid ice scraper, which I eventually started putting under my car so I wasn't holding it in the store.  Because I was worried about the ice scraper making me look like a moron.  I sniper watched every SUV that drove into GE, because I just knew the next one would be him.  After about the millionth time I counted to 500 (my magic number??), I saw an it?  no?  yes?  YES it's him.  I had managed after getting off the phone to keep it together all that time.  As soon as I saw my husband, I ran (raaaan) out of the store pointing to my car.  He got out, unlocked it and hugged me while I cried and sobbed about how cold I was, and how stupid I was, and why now in the biggest snow storm of the winter??? 

After the dramatic portion, we got into our cars and I never felt so relieved.  Needless to say, my car was a freaking oven.  I wanted to make out with my phone.  I called the hubby on the way home (I know stupid in bad weather) but I needed to hear a comforting voice.  Thankfully, my dad was at the drug store like 5 feet from our house and had immediately come over to stay with Dex.  It took about 45 minutes, but we got home.  I have never in my life been so thankful to be in that townhouse.  Never.

That is the getting locked out story.  To this day, I have no clue how I locked the door, because it was unlocked when I opened it obviously. 

And just so you know, I now unlock at least two doors every time I get in the car (I don't have automatic locks.....remember, I love my car) and usually four.  That's just how I roll now.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hey, did someone say snow?!?

I am instantly going to make half of western Pennsylvania hate me.


Let me explain.  I hate driving in bad snow and ice.  I don't loooove being cold.  BUT...

1.  Snow is gorgeous.
2.  I pray to God that the snow signals the end of the wretched stink bugs.  (please, God, please)

That being said, what is wrong with drivers???  How can you grow up, in a state that receives snow for at least a quarter of the year, and yet you have no clue how the eff to drive in it??? 

1.  (wow I like lists today) you do not have to drive 5 miles an hour.  If you can't drive in snow, stay home.
2.  You do not have to drive 100 miles an hour (I could think of about 20 different ways to call you stupid for doing that on a regular day)
3.  Crazy person, ice scraper, ice scraper, crazy person.  Learn it, use it, live it.  (i.e. stop blowing shit on my car)
4.  When you see something shiny on the road that looks like ice, probably not a good idea to drive on it and slam your brakes.  Just sayin....
5.   Appearances are important, but please don't paint your nails, put on make up, shave, or brush your teeth (no I'm not kidding) while you are actively driving.  I promise you'll be more attractive without the shard of glass sticking in your forehead.

I'm sure there's more wisdom to share, but for now, please be safe out there!  Especially if we get another 24 inches of snow in like, a minute.  I promise you, it's okay to eat random leftover Halloween candy rather than fight the crowds for bread.  (remind me someday to tell you about locking my keys in the car when I stopped at the Seven Fields Giant Eagle to get my son formula during Keyser Snoze last year.  OMG.)  That actually would be a great blog for tomorrow....

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Being Thankful

I have a lot to be thankful for this year....

My wonderful son, Dexter
My amazing husband
My family, whom I love
My friends who support me

I can go on and on, but for me, the newest thing I am incredibly thankful for, is knowing that the serious medical problems I was facing, have turned out for the positive.  I was sick with fear at the doctor 2 days before Thanksgiving.  I could barely get through the day at work.  I was almost physically sick driving to the appointment.  I wanted to cancel so that I didn't have to face what could be horrible news.  By 6:00 pm, I finally got good news.  So I'm thankful for that and all the prayers that I received despite the fact, that really, no one knew what was going on. 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

That's how this peacock dances, ha cha cha cha!

I don't think it's any secret that my kid, like many kids, loooves to be outside.  He would rather be outside running and playing than doing almost anything else. 

November has been putting a damper on that.  My husband and I both work full time, outside the home.  Dexter is either with a grandparent, or since my dad's surgery especially, with our 2 day a week (lately 3 day a week sitter).  We get home and we have dinner and it seems 30 minutes later, it's dark!  Plus it's been raining.  Plus it's been cold.  I feel bad for the poor little guy!  All he wants is to run around outside, roll on the ground, and play in the dirt.  I ask you, is that too much to ask???

So last night, before dinner, we decided cold or no cold, dark or no dark, we're going outside darn it!  And outside we went.  I mean it's not like it's 10pm or something.  It was like 5:00, but still dusky.  I had been out earlier and it was kind of pleasant, so on goes the heavy hoodie and a coat and out we go.  Ummm...yeah it's dropped like 10 degrees.  So, out comes the winter coat which goes over the hoodie.  We're ready to rock and roll.

He had a blast!  I had to run and get the camera.  Watching him run around red faced and excited to be out in the crisp air was worth mommy and daddy being cold.  He was only out for about 30 minutes, because he needed to have dinner and jeez it was cold, but he had a blast!

This morning, after he had breakfast and we let it warm up a bit (um yeah, it so did not warm up at all!), the sweatshirt, winter coat, hat, back on and out we go.  He ran outside for almost an hour before he was just too cold to take it!  He's such a cold trooper.  I'm hoping he has as much fun in the snow this year!

Pre-winter coat when we were like, OMG it's cold out here!


Let's play ball, Daddy!

Up in the air!

Too cute!

Hi Mommy!  I'm not c-c-c-cold.

I see you inside!

No coming in for me yet!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just a little note to say.....

I wish that for 40 minutes during the day, in the workplace, there could be a quiet spot to go to, where no one would bother you.  No one would come looking for you to ask you any type of question.  No phones would ring.  You could do whatever you wanted to for 40 minutes....but NO WORK.  None.  No work at all.  40 minutes of time where you could do whatever you wanted to do and that was it.  Zero interruptions.  I think that would make people more productive!

Maybe it's a weird request, but if I honestly had 40 minutes during the day where I could just simply exist, rest, read, whatever I needed.  (As I sit here and am interrupted for the 4th time during my 20 minute lunch).  I think it would give me that greatly needed time to reboot.  I dunno, just an idea!

Oh and just because it's been awhile since I posted a picture of my child (darn no time to unload pictures from my camera!) here's one from a month ago or so...

Friday, November 12, 2010

It's coming fast!!

Hard to believe that we are less than 2 weeks from Thanksgiving!  Which also means, Christmas is sneaking up on us!  Personally, I don't think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving, because it happens to be my favorite holiday.  However, I have started to get the inevitable, what does Dexter need, questions.

This year, I'm having trouble with that!  He's 19 months old.  He plays with his blocks, big leggos, trucks, etc.  He likes to play outside, but has outside toys.  What on earth do we tell people to get him?!?!?!?  We need ideas!  I mean we always list clothing, because he grows like a weed, but people want other ideas too.  I get him tons of books through Scholastic.  I just don't know.

We thought about a sled so we could pull him around the yard.  I thought about maybe a little bowling set since he loves to roll his little soccer ball around and stuff. 


Monday, November 8, 2010

Funny things

Dexter cracks us up all the time.  One of my favorite blogs to read is written by a college friend Jennifer.  I love reading her humorous posts concerning her children.  I love the idea and will be "borrowing" it for the day!

*Dexter's loves to "help" us clean.  As you can imagine, the help we get from a 1 year old is minimal.  His new things is to run and turn on the vacuum cleaner and then run like a crazy man to the couch, which he practically jumps up on, and then laughs like a crazy man.  Hilarious!

*Typically, if you ask Dexter for a hug and a kiss, he runs into your arms and gives you one.  Lately, he will run until he is just out of arm's reach, stop, tilt his head to you, and then be on his way.  We call it the drive-by kiss.

*If you ask Dexter to see his belly, not only does he pull up his shirt, he pats it like it's a beer gut.  And he's very proud of it.

*He also likes to give you the sneaky toot.  As in, walk past, stop briefly, and toot.  He laughs.  He is all boy.

*Whenever Dex drops something or something goes wrong, he says "Ohhh no"  though not quite that clearly. 

that's all I can come up with for now...I should keep a list!  He cracks us up entirely too much!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What is the answer? Is there an answer??

In schools right now, bullying is a huuuuge issue.  I'm sure you've seen on the news tragic stories about kids (I don't care if they are 19 and in college they are KIDS) who have ended their own lives due to constant bullying from others.

I remember kids being bullied in high school.  I don't think the term "bullying" had been coined yet.  But, I remember it happening.  I also remember hearing through the grape vine that parents complained to school administration and nothing was done.  The kid being bullied was either "the outcast" or "didn't fit in with the popular kids."  Seriously?  I know it's easy to brush it under the table, but in my opinion (as a teacher and as a mother) you have to investigate thoroughly each suspected case of bullying.  You MUST. 

I think what's happening is that the word bullying is thrown around so casually these days that it's kind of like the boy who cried wolf.  That's a shame.  Kids can be MEAN.  I've seen kids be mean.  As an adult.  I've sat in meetings, with parents, of kids who admitted to the horrible things they have done to other kids (not in my current school), and the parents were still insistent that their child was not bullying. 

Where is this going?  Today my kids had a class with a wonderful woman and the topic was bullying.  I saw some children "get it."  I saw some kids looking sick to their stomachs, like, omigosh, I've totally been a bully.  I saw some kids who just plain didn't get it.  So we have to ask ourselves, how do we stop this from happening?  Some schools try.  Some parents try.  Some schools and parents do nothing.  What do we do?

I'm terrified that some day, Dexter is going to go to school and be bullied.  (If he ever becomes a bully, you can bet we will be bringing the parent rule down HARDCORE.)  Really though...if you're a parent of a child who is bullied, or if you were bullied....what keeps the child safe?  How do we keep our kids safe?  How do we prevent tragedies from happening?  How do we keep our kids safe and happy?  How?


Saturday, October 30, 2010

G.T.L. Gym, Tan, Laundry

My husband and I really don't have the time to commit to any TV show.  I mean, we watch sports, but other than that?  Nah.  Not something every week.  So we usually end up catching things in reruns.

Now, let me preface this by saying, I have maybe....5 or 6 shows that I consider my "I'm embarrassed to admit I watch this..." shows.  One of those?  Jersey Shore.

I actually never saw the first season while it was on.  I never watched the reruns.  I just figured, eh whatever, been done.  However, one day, while feeling under the weather, with nothing on TV, Jersey Shore was one of my few options.  I figured, eh, I'm sick, I need a laugh, boom, let's watch some Jersey Shore.  Okay, so for real, how have I missed out on this television goodness?!?!   I mean, seriously, who says, look here's a show about a bunch of drunk, morally loose, Italian 20++ somethings who sing about tshirts, cabs, hey sounds like a hit.  It's a show that has a short chick with a 2 inch poof.  Hey look a dude who walks around holding his shirt up.  I will admit, for real, cinematic gold!  Why?  Why in the world is this show so popular?  I'm telling you, I get it now that we've started watching it.  It's cinematic gold because it's fun to laugh at people!  Like, you can't write this crap.

We lived through the era of MTV's "The Real World."  We've seen plenty of barfing, hooking up, fighting.  However, TRW has nothing on Jersey Shore.  Each episode elicits at least a month's worth of water cooler jokes and sayings. 

We all need to thank MTV for having so little creativity in their minds to bring us something as entertaining as Jersey Shore.  Let's face it, lack of creativity has birthed reality TV.  It figures....some people's real lives are way more entertaining than anything that could be written or invented by a creator of television shows! allows us to make Situation jokes out of almost anything.

Case in point:  Dexter's Situation?  He needs some breakfast.  BPN:  Breakfast, Poopie, Nap.  Word.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Tonight was our neighborhood's trick or treat.  Kind of weird on a Thursday, but I guess it always is, so only weird to us newbies.

Last year (and every year since we've been married before then), we went to my parents' house for TOT.  We had been living in a townhouse complex, and the first year, we left candy out in a bowl, and went to my parents'.  We came home and like no candy was gone.  We figured the kids in the complex went other places so we gave up. 

I'll be honest, I miss going to my mom and dad's house!  We loved it so much, and last year Dex (at 6 months) went to like 3 houses and then took a cat nap!  We enjoyed the little trick or treaters in their cute costumes. 

This year, Dexter is walking and very aware of other kids.  Daddy took him out while Mommy manned the candy.  The neighbors (according to my hubby) got a kick out of him, so that was fun!  He went to maybe 6 houses this year (woo!) and then headed back to help Mommy.  Helping Mommy actually meant taking the candy out of the bowl and sorting it into piles by type of candy.  Seriously.  Snickers here, Crunch here, Peanut butter cups here.  He kills me!  Then he was running to greet the kids at the door.  Too cute!

The best part is that since our neighborhood TOT's on Thursday and my parents' is on Saturday, we can double dip and still visit with them on Saturday.  How awesome is that?!?!

Happy Halloween.....err...a few days early!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Have you ever had to wait for something and it seems like you're waiting FOR-EV-ER?? 

Right now, we are trying to be really patient.  If you know me, that's like the most hilarious statement in the world.  With kids?  I'm hugely patient.  With pretty much everything else?  Yeah, not even close.  I micromanage like our whole lives.  Sundays are for grocery shopping and planning each meal during the week.  Dexter's schedule during the week, where he's going, how long he'll be there, who's taking him, getting him, when we'll be home, what he'll eat, wear, do.  Yeah all done.  So when I have a "plan" and I have to wait, I kinda get a little bajigitty.

I'm getting kind of impatient right now about something.  I need to chill.  Seriously.

Maybe if I had 1980's John Cusak, I'd be golden.  Until that happens, I guess I just need to keep relying on God and trying to be patient.

**videos courtesy of visualtim and mengsquared on

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Going to a wedding today!!  Pictures to follow!!  My husband and I are actually going to get a date night out, sans our son....we we Loooove!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just wanted to say

Dear Dexter,

I just wanted to let you know that sometimes in this world, you are forced to work with people who do nothing.  They don't even pretend to work.  Sometimes they are unpleasant to be around.  If a problem happens, they will lie and pretend they were working hard and it just slipped by them.  It's okay for you to stand up for yourself.  It's okay to defend yourself.

Just know, it probably won't change a darn thing. 

People can be really mean.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Putting things in persepective...

It's been a long 24 hours.

A lot of people we meet complain about a lot of things.  They complain about work, their kids, their spouse, their messy home.  It's easy to get frustrated with things and blow off some steam by venting to a friend.  Then something happens and we realize the life we have is pretty darn good.

Last night, my brother in law and his girlfriend's apartment burned down.  Thankfully, they were not home, so no injuries occurred, but they've lost a lot.  If this isn't bad enough, you must know, this is the second time in less than a year that the apartment occupied by his girlfriend has burned down.  That's right.  Two different places, two different fires, twice lost all you own. 

Just when you think things are rough, you realize, other people have it a little rougher.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Let's Go Pens!

A chant my husband and I hear often.  We are Pittsburgh Penguins nuts!  We're full season ticket holders.  It's one of those things we do for us, just for our fun and enjoyment.  It's been hard over the past year to get to as many games as I'd like to.  My husband goes more often with a friend than I get to attend, but with Dexter, well you can't leave him alone and a sitter isn't always available when you have 3 games in a week!

We did, however, go to the first home game of the season last week.  It was amazing.  Amazing to see an actual game in the Consol Energy Center.  It was amazing to see every seat filled and people cheering even though the team was losing, and actually lost.  It's such a tribute to Pittsburgh to see that many fans coming out to support the team, even though a few, short years ago, the team was in danger of leaving Pittsburgh.  We often joked in our house that if we won the lottery, we'd donate money to build the new long as they named it after us. 

I think about our love for hockey, and I think about my husband and Dex going to games together.  It makes me smile, because though I'd love to be there, it will be such a special activity for the two of them as he grows up.  I hope that he grows to love our Pittsburgh sports teams as much as we do.  They won the Stanley Cup the year he was born.  It'd be great to see it happen again!  We've been grooming him since day 1!

Where's the Starbucks?

I'm pretty much a morning person.  For the past 2 years (prior to moving) we've been getting up everyday at 4:30.  Just hearing that pretty much makes me want to yawn and snuggle back down under the covers.  Since moving, we are able to sleep comfortably until 5:00.  Every now and then 5:15.  I know some people look at that and are like, WHAT?!?!?!  But for us it's a dream come true!

It kind of makes me laugh sometimes when I hear people complain about having to get up at 7:00.  Not because of that person's idea of early, I mean we all have what's too early for us, but I laugh because I think about how nuts they'd think I am.  We do a lot in the morning and it gives my husband and I some time to chill and just be us, which is nice.  The only thing that's killing me right now is how dark it is in the morning.  When you're driving to work and you see some sun poking out, it doesn't seem like it's that early.  When it's dark?  I feel like I should be back in bed!

The funny thing is I'm not a coffee  I never have been.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I'll have a cup every now and then, but it's decaf and black.  For me, it doesn't make much sense to drink coffee, because I don't touch caffeine.  (Don't shun me from the human race)  If you see me heading for Starbucks, chances are I'm going for some iced non coffee drink.Yum!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Reasons I love being a mom

1.  Baby giggles and toddler snickers
2.  Kisses and hugs
3.  Looks of surprise when he learns something new or something surprising happens
4.  Snuggling
5.  Him rubbing my hair when I cry or seem sad
6.  Laughs when he burps at dinner
7.  Playing outside
8.  Appreciating days off with my boy since I work full time
9.  Seeing his happy face when he wakes up in the morning
10. The word Mama
11. Tickles and laughs
12. Watching him learn how to kick a ball or throw one far
13. Digging in the dirt
14. Walks in the stroller
15. Singing and dancing to the radio in the car
16. Watching him "talk" on the phone
17. Going grocery shopping and hearing him shout "ananas!!" as soon as he spots the bananas
18. Excitement to play with tubbie letters at bath time
19. Watching in amazement as he can find and tell you the letters, A O M E U with his letter blocks
20. Unending love he gives

There are a million reasons to love being a mom.  I could go on forever....I'm stopping at 20 for today.  I figure this a "to be continued..." list.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

One day at the pumpkin patch...

This weekend, we took Dexter to the pumpkin patch.  My mom and dad came with hubby, Dex, and I.  It was soo much fun!  Actually, first we went to this little October Festival thing at our favorite Farm Market.  It's like 40 minutes away from us now, so we kinda double dipped and stocked up on awesomely fresh meat for our freezer too!

Anyway, it was so much fun.  My mom and I took Dexter on a tractor pulled hay ride, which he LOVED.  Seriously, what is it with little boys and cars/tractors?  He was so excited the whole time, it just made my heart melt.  Later on, Daddy (and my mom) took Dexter on a horse and "buggy" ride.  I use that word loosely because essentially it was also a wagon, just a little nicer! 

Then, we headed home for a bit, (my parent's home that is), Dex had some lunch, napped, then off to the pumpkin patch.  Last year, Dex was only around 6 months old, so we could put him in a bunch of pumpkins, he'd smile all cute, we'd take pictures.  This year?  He was much more interested in running around between the pumpkins and trying to pick them up.  It was insanely adorable, but made me a little weepy to see how big my "baby" has grown.  Though, it's really fun to see how excited he gets about everything! 

Oh and just as a was my "baby" at the pumpkin patch last year...