Sunday, September 6, 2009

busy day...being lazy

kind of a crazy in which most details are being omitted for now. Dex slept 12 hours (yay!) and way late in the day, we went to the farm market. on our way home, he started screaming so I finally climbed over the seats to see what the issue was. He proceeded to hold my finger the rest of the way home and was happy. que sera sera. so I'm all about the lazy meme.

15 years ago… I was 15, dating a bad boy, basically just enjoying being a teenager!

10 years ago… I was 20, in college, a sorority, spending entirely too much time at Benjamin's (yes I know 20) and hanging out a lot with Jeremy. Good times!

5 years ago…I was engaged to Rob and we were planning our wedding. It was a fun time, but I wouldn't give up being with him every day for anything.

3 years ago… I was 27, in graduate school, and only 2 months into my marriage. We went on a fantastic honeymoon and had settled into our townhouse, that we are now desperately trying to move out of!

1 year ago…I was pregnant with Dexter and only a few people knew. I had just started a new job and only my boss and closest friend at work knew I was pregnant as well. It was the beginning of the year that became the most life changing for me.

Yesterday, we took our baby to the house we've been trying to buy for over a month now. It's been a lot of back and forth, but we wanted to see what he "thought" of it. He squealed and was crazy excited from the moment we walked in.

Today, I can't talk too much about. It was crazy, suffice it to say. And MPIL.

Tomorrow, I hope we have more answers. About a lot of things!

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