Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What's for dinner?

Being a working mom, dinner can be a challenge!  Any of you moms who work, in or out of the home, know what I mean.  You want something healthy and you don't want to order out every night of the week.  Well...maybe you DO want to order out every night, but that sensible side of you knows you shouldn't order out every night! 

What helps us is to plan out our meals for the week before we go grocery shopping on Sunday.  We always shop on Sundays and we try to get what we need so that we don't have to pop in to the grocery store during the week.  This also cuts down on our impulse buying.  (buying ice cream in the middle of the week means the calories don't count, right?)

This week was especially difficult because I had to stay late to work on Tuesday and Thursday we've got some running around to do, so those were going to be late nights.  I am also the queen of leftovers and with only the two adults and a 17 month old, leftover are our friends!  So, Monday night I made a meatless lasagna (completely weight watchers friendly) that we loooooove.  Then we had plenty of leftovers for Tuesday, which makes a late night for me easy.  I can heat up some lasagna and still get to bed early.  (I'm old, it is what it is.  Well not old per say, but have the bedtime of like an 80 year old)

We also try to spice up our dinners.  I mean, we have a whole slew of favorites that we make all the time.  Plus the hubs is a master at the grill, so we take advantage of that while we still can.  But, occasionally, we like to try something new.  Tonight I tried this chicken and tomato pesto pizza.  Can I say ZOMG!!  It was fabulous and filling and ohhh so garlicky!  Have I mentioned I'm in love with garlic?  I apologize to the people who work with me every day and have to smell leftover garlic smell that lingers around me all the time!  Anyway, it was fabulous and definitely going into the favorites category. 

Any awesome recipes you keep in the hopper for dinner time??

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