Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Luke's Dark Day

I may be a teeny bit obsessed with Gilmore Girls.  I discovered this show the fall after I got married.  The hubs had an hour drive home from work, and doesn't get off until 5.  We were living in Saxonburg, and I was teaching pretty close by.  I'd get home everyday around 3:30 or so, do all the work I brought home with me, and still usually have an hour before he got home.

You know how daytime tv is.  I'd flip around and usually end up with something stupid on while I made dinner.  One day, by sheer luck, I happened upon a rerun of Gilmore Girls.  Now I remember when they first started showing commercials for this show.  To be honest, I foolishly thought it looked sooo dumb.  What was I thinking right?!?!?!  But, anyway, I stumbled upong this rerun, there was nothing else on, so I decided to give it a go.  Talk about IMMEDIATE ADDICTION.  Literally.  As luck would have it, the show wouldn't be long for the world, as it was quickly coming to the last season.  This is so me.  I only discover tv shows that are awesome when they are ending, being canceled, or have already been canceled. 

Over the next few months, I drooled over the thought of getting the show on dvd being that I hadn't seen so many episodes and, being not quite the most patient person in the world, wanted to see them like NOW.  As it happened, my mom and I were out shopping the day after Thanksgiving.  Best Buy, that year, had the dvd seasons on sale for some INSANE price.  Like seriously $13 a piece or something.  I am so serious when I say, I bought every season that was out.  Since then, I have acquired the last season as well, and literally will watch this show all the time. 

What does this ramble have to do with anything?  Well if you are a GG watcher, you surely remember the episode about Luke's Dark Day.  I won't spoil it for you if you've never seen it, but it got me to thinking recently.  Every now and then, not very often, but every now and then, I feel a dark half hour.  Is that stupid?  I wouldn't say I have a whole day of darkness, but like 30 minutes here and there.  I kind of feel like that this morning.  Why is it that you can be flying high, feeling good, and someone will say something to you that just makes you feel like a piece of garbage?  I know that your mom always teaches you, don't let it bother you, some people are just miserable and want to make others miserable too.  Well, you know, I wear my heart on my sleeve.  This has nothing to do with "since I had Dex," because I've been like this my whole life.  People say mean things to me, or give me a rude answer when I ask an honest question, and for real, I may have to hide and shed a few tears. 

Anyway, maybe I should just get over it, but I can't help but believe that maybe me being over emotional isn't so bad.  And if it is, then those that don't like it, well, don't make me cry. 

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