Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stuff, stuff, and more stuff..

Happy Memorial Day ( a few days early...). 

I have been craving this 3 day weekend for awhile now, so I'm incredibly thankful it is finally here! 

Last night, I told my husband how I was so looking forward to sleeping in.  How I was going to sleep at least until 7:00.  (Don't laugh, for me that's major sleeping in).  At 5:00, I was up and ready to start my day.  Ugh.  That, unfortunately is my working mom experience.  I'm up everyday early, and ready to go, so it seems to be too much a part of my day to allow sleeping in.  That's okay though.  The bonus being that I have even more time to enjoy 3 days off!  Yay!

So here I sit, cooking for our family picnic today.  Rob has sent to the store for some things.  (he's a good husband).  Dex is up and has eaten.  He is coloring.  Already.  Love it!  And yes, I know there are people who think it's nuts that my son is up every day at 7:00, but that's just our routine on days off!  When he gets used to summer hours, he may sleep in as late as 7:30.  ha!  And we're almost to summer hours.  Less than 2 weeks in fact.  Which means, Rob gets to sleep later too!  I may be able to force myself to sleep until 6:00.  If not, then I'll quietly get up and enjoy an hour of quiet...reading.  Doing a bunch of nothing.  That, I think I can do!

To change the subject a bit, we have a little over a month until we leave for the beach.  !?!  Looove!  We didn't go last year, being that we moved in late June and things were just...nuts.  The last time we took Dex to the beach, he was 3 months old.  I don't really know what he thought of it, but my opinion is he dug it!  I'm excited about this year, because he's 2, so I'm anticipating much fun.  He enjoys playing in water and digging in the dirt.  I figure water + sand + digging = FUN. 

The last time we took him, because he was so young, we left on Friday and took our time driving.  We used to go to the Outer Banks pre-Dex.  However, not long before he was born, our good friends discovered a different beach in NC.  We were all thinking about going, and decided, hey lets get a house together.  We stayed in an awesome place and I think Rob and I fell in love with this beach.  I can't even describe what makes it top Outer Banks for us, it just does.  It's not something you can explain to anyone....

Anyway, I'm way off subject.  Because the beach is further south (30 min from Myrtle) we decided with a 3 month old to take our time, and drive it over 2 days, staying in a hotel over night.  This proved to be a good idea.  Dex was young enough to easily sleep in his pack n play in the same hotel room with us.  This year?  Not sure he'd do well in a hotel yet.  He's too nosy.  So our plan, is to leave way early in the morning Saturday, put his sleeping, adorable, pj'd bum bum into the car.  We hope he'll sleep a bit.  We'll stop for breakfast.  Drive some more with Mommy entertaining him in the back seat.  Stop for lunch and run around.  Take a nap for the last leg of the journey.  That's our naive plan.  I'm sure Dexter is already laughing at how he's going to change that!

This has become the most rambling bunch of crazy ever, so I think I'm going to stop. 

But, to close out.....this is 2 years ago...

He had those cute little pixie ears.  Soooo little.  Can I cry a little?

He mostly snoozed on the beach in his baby cabana.

Though he did like walking on the beach and enjoyed it a tiny bit.

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