Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just another day...

It's no secret.  I am so not outdoorsy.  I love to play in the yard with Dex, but don't expect to see me camping or hiking in the woods anytime soon.  It's not that I dislike being outside.  I actually really like it.  I just don't like doing things that make me feel sticky, sweaty, all those gross feelings. 

As I said, I will play outside.  I will play ball, run with my kids.  I will play in the pool and the water table.  I will swing and play at the playground.

Things I don't enjoy at all:  hiking in wilderness (i.e. woods).  Getting bitten by random insects.  Trekking through the mud.  Standing around in the sun without any real purpose.  Tanning.  (Have you seen my skin?  Unless you count when I was young and stupid and went to the tanning bed, I basically burn.)

That being said, today was field day.  I spent a great portion of the day, in the 94 degree weather in the very hot sun.  I am beyond friend.  I was hot and sweaty the whole day.  The kids had fun, and for that, I am thankful.

Me?  I look like a cooked lobster.  It hurts.  I have spent years, meticulously trying to not get burned.  Today reminds me why I am so careful.

Poor Dex.  I think he has been cursed with my fair complexion.  Not his father's olive skin tone.  I am insane with sunscreen when it comes to the little guy.  And the little guy?  Would rather be outside than do anything else in the world.  I have to force him to come in.  He cries sometimes. 

So far, so good.  Let's keep it that way!

P.S.  That's my niece.  My sister in law took this picture of the two of them this weekend.  They are adorable and make me smile.  :)

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