Monday, June 13, 2011

Its official!

No, I'm not pregnant. 

But, it is officially summer break!

How did Dex and I kick off summer break?  Well it was cold this morning so we got up, had a lazy breakfast together.  Dex had mini pancakes and a banana.  I had a bagel, which he amazingly did not beg for.  Then we played....everything.   Seriously, his playroom?  A mess.  We played cars, legos, play doh, read books... You name it, we played it.  The morning went by crazy fast.

Suddenly, it was lunch time.  We watched a quick Play With Me, and off he went to nap. 

After he woke up, we went for a walk and played outside until it was time to make dinner.

I could do this every day.  Really.

As Dex was swinging outside, I asked him if he was happy Mommy was home for the summer.  He clapped and yelled "Yay!"

And that, is my perfect summer kick off!

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