Monday, November 7, 2011

Just another day in paradise...

Positive thoughts right??

I've reaffirmed something over the past two weeks.  Tomorrow, when I call the dietician and am off to an OB appointment, I'm going to prove to them what I've known about myself forever.

Don't tell me I can't do something or that I'm going to fail before I even try.  That only makes me work harder.

In the gestational diabetes process, my OB is involved of course, but the other two major players are the Maternal Fetal specialist and the dietician.  Both of whom were absolutely certain I'd neeeever be able to control my blood sugar with diet alone.  They were so sure I'd be on medicine or insulin quickly.  The dietician, who was very kind, kept reassuring me that it was okay if it happened, it wouldn't be my fault.  We can't control everything.  Even at my last OB appointment (with one of my top 3 favorite doctors in the practice) she kindly let me know that if I couldn't control it, it wasn't my fault.

With so many people against me from the word go, I could've just given up.

Yeah, you all don't know me very well.  Despite hating the rigid eating plan (I mean it's not really a diet), I've done it.  I haven't cheated even one time.  Not once.  Anytime I noticed a combination of foods with the timing of day not working, I immediately altered my meal/snack to find something that worked.  Aside from the 3 spikes over almost 28 meals which I altered, my levels have been spot on.  I'm sorry if I'm gloating a bit, but I'm damn proud!  I know things can change, but I've proved to myself that the goal I set forth, to control GD with diet, could be accomplished.  I know that as the pregnancy continues, my body could start working against me, but I know that so far, I've done it.

Don't ever tell me I won't/can't do something.  I'll try my hardest to show you I can.

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