Thursday, December 29, 2011

24 hours....

24 hours from now, I'm scheduled for a c-section.  Chances of hospital being on time?  Hmm...slim to none, but let's pretend.  24 hours left of being a one child family. 

I've been ready for the pregnancy part to be over for awhile.  Now?  The ideas of adding an infant onto our already busy lives with a 2 year old is scaring the crap out of me all of a sudden. 

Biggest worries? (some of which are dumb I know)

*Bath/Bedtime-  how do you do this with 2 kids??

*Having to leave the house with 2 kids and 1 adult.  OMG.  I'm outnumbered.

*Making sure Dexter gets enough attention.  I'm totally freaked out about this.  He's been my only baby for over 2 years...He rarely cries.  I'm envisioning him being in tears a lot.  That kills me.

So what do I do when these thoughts creep up?  I try and think about the good stuff we're looking forward to.  More kisses and hugs.  Dexter loving on girl baby...whose name he can say!  Being a family of four. 

Seriously though.  I'm in disbelief that in 24 hours we will have 2 children.

Hold me.

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