Monday, June 1, 2009


Dex was in his swing today. I don't put him in there too often, but 10 minutes here and there. He likes it okay. Well now I'm sure he'll never want to go in one again, nor will I put him in one.

He's swinging right beside where I'm sitting and sort of dozing off a little. It's playing music, swinging on a low setting. I'm working on some correspondence. All of a sudden I hear this noise and look over. The left side of the part that HOLDS THE CHILD has broken! Dexter, still sleeping (?!?!) is hanging from the safety restraints. I freaked of course and am on the floor trying to get him out. Ever try and get a hanging infant out of a safety restraint without hurting him??? It took me forever. I finally get him out without hurting him (he's still sleeping?!?!?!). Then the tears start. Mine not his. I'm checking every inch of his body. He's fine, thank God!

After I get him out and make sure he's okay, I look for Graco's 800 number online. I find it and call. I am keeping surprisingly calm. I start to explain to the woman I'm talking to what had just happened. Would you like to know what her response is? "Okay we need some information so we can get replacement parts out to you." ARE YOU KIDDING ME? No, is your child okay? No, let's see if there's been a recall. No, let me get someone who handles these types of claims. Nothing. I called her on that. Ignoring me, she asks for my address so she can send me replacement parts. I finally gave her that info so she'd shut up about the replacement parts. Again, I call her on the fact that she is completely unconcerned with my child's safety and well-begin. Nothing. I was FLOORED. I get off the phone with the useless woman and go back to the website to send an email. They don't have an email address listed. They have a "contact us" spot. I've been trying all day to send what I wrote on that page. OOPS. Our contact us doesn't work.

What did I discover today? Graco has crap products and they REFUSE to accept complaints. Their website doesn't let you complain via email. The representatives you call refuse to acknowledge problems. Don't buy Graco. Save your child.

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