Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What a day....

Seriously, it's been a day.  Okay, it's been a month!

Last week, I had no problems with our snow days.  We had that lovely Kaiser Snowse storm.  I was more than happy to hole up in the house with my husband and Dex.  This week?  I'm over it! 

A little background...

We have a 2 day a week sitter. All other days, Dex is with grandparents.  She is 2 minutes from the school I teach at.  When we finally buy a house, she'll be 2 minutes from me!  Right now, it's about a half an hour on a snow free day.  If my school gets a 2 hr. delay on a day he's with his sitter,  I still have to go pretty  much on time for two reasons:  1.  I need extra time in bad weather 2. Dex eats at 8.  I have to be at school by 9.  If I leave for delay time, he will scream because it's breakfast time.  In a nutshell, I leave like a normal day so my son's breakfast isn't interrupted.

Let me set today's scene for you....

Today, I had a 2 hr. delay and it was a sitter day.  It looked kind of crappy out, so I waited an extra half an hour before leaving, just in case my school canceled.  They didn't.  I left.  It took me an hour and 20 min. to get to my sitter.  As I was pulling in her driveway, school canceled.  I kid you not.  HEADDESK.  Luckily, she is a wonderful woman, we came in, she fed Dex, and we left.  He proceeded to scream most of the way home because he was angry about being back in his car seat.  Hey, he's 10 months old, I don't blame him!  We get home and I get a call from a "person" who dumped a huge thing for me to organize, FOR MONDAY.  FACEPALM. 

Finally, my son decided two days ago, that he just isn't going to nap anymore.  What's that you say?  Oh he plays and is happy instead?  No, he's EXHAUSTED and  is a crab-man-do during what is supposed to be naptime.  Today, he was sooo tired.  Thought for sure.  He was thisclose to falling asleep and then the home phone rang (of course).  Well, that was the end of it. 


Anyone feel like bringing me some alcohol?  Chocolate?  Pizza?  A few million dollars?

I need a Mommy vacation with some other Mommies.

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