Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good thing he's cute!

Seriously, I love this child to death.  He's been a little bit of a stinker lately.  It's not completely his fault.  He has been working on some teeth for ohh.....about 2 million years now.  Which is actually pretty amazing considering he won't be 1 until April 2. 

Anyway, the other day he was SCREAMING like a crazy man in pain.  I was feeling all sorry for him.  So what does he start doing?  Throwing his sippy cup.  I, of course, do the absolutely wrong thing the first time he throws it...instinctively laugh like crazy.  I have no clue why it made me laugh so hard.  It did.  What does he do?  He laughs like a hyena.  It was adorable.  The problem now?  He thinks it's funny to throw his sippy cup.  He did it at the sitter yesterday.  I was ashamed to admit it was all my fault  Truthfully....I didn't.  Oops!

Anyway, all it takes to make us smile?  His cute little face! 

And he will be 1 next Friday.  Hold me.

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