Tuesday, August 31, 2010

If life was like a sitcom....

All of our problems would be solved in 30 min.  More like 20 with commercial breaks.

I'm very thankful right now.  I can't go into great detail because it's not my place to publicly call out a person who has done some very bad things in the past year.  Let's just say, thank goodness that person isn't around me anymore!  But, I am thankful because a situation that this person caused me to be in, seems to be resolved...or on it's way.  This has been a two year struggle due to negligence. 

While this was all happening, it didn't seem so bad.  Saturday night?  The stress hit me like a truck.  Sunday night?  Worse than Saturday.  Monday during the day?  Manageable, but stressful.  My poor husband.  He's been taking the brunt of my stress because, well, Dexter can't help me with my stress and he's the only other person in the house.  He may be happier than I that things have been worked out.  (but probably not!)

I was thinking about all of this as Full House (go ahead make fun) was playing in the background.  It's one of my omgdoiactuallywatchthis embarrassing tv shows I have on sometimes.  As I was listening to the Tanner's work out the problems of the day, in a wonderfully joyful manner, I couldn't help but wonder why I couldn't have a solution like that every now and then.

For instance picture this scenario.......(if this was Full House, we'd have some wicked 90's fade screen)

Comcast has come over to install our cable, internet, and telephone.  The tech accidentally drills a hole through our air conditioning compressor line.  (true story...totally happened.)  The tech feels bad and calls his boss.  Husband and I lament about what rotten luck we have while our son tries to steal cookies from the kitchen, even though he's only 16 months old.  We catch him in the act and sit down and talk about being honest and eating healthy.  (interrupted a few times by commercials for soap, tv shows, vitameatavegamin, whatever)  Tech comes back in with his boss.  The two of them hunker down and magically fix the entire system, with all new equipment.  The entire process takes about 2 minutes.  They offer the truck and tractor pull channel for a year for free.  We accept and are all, you got it dude.  They leave.  My husband sits with Dexter and I on the couch and we share a warm, family moment discussing how honesty is the best policy and how we can learn from the honesty of the cable guy.  We all go in the kitchen and have a cookie.  Fade to black.

Now isn't that a wonderful scenario?  No mention of the sweating like mad for a month in 90 degree weather and then waiting two months (yes we are STILL WAITING) for your reimbursement check.  (it's in the mail....I mean yeah, seriously, we only cut checks on Fridays!  it's not our fault!)  No mention of rude managers or well meaning, but clueless customer service reps who are not helpful at all.  Ahhh..if life were only like a sitcom.  All problems neatly wrapped up and solved in 30 minutes or your money back!

You know what?  I'll take the excitement.

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