Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just some new Dex stuff

Sorry I've been off the uncle passed away so it's been a rough past few days.

Dexter keeps us smiling no matter what, though.  just some new funny things about the little guy...

*I had the tv on while we were playing legos.  It was muted because a commercial was on for a bunch of cereals.  He noticed the Cheerios box and went running to the tv pointing at it saying "Oooooo's"

*Dex loves to wear sunglasses.  LOooooves it.  He has one pair, but of course, prefers to wear adult sunglasses because they are so big on him.  He calls them "Ades" (shades)  He puts them on and won't take them off until one of us says "cool dude!:

*Dex has recently learned how to give "knuckles."  We tell him to blow it up.  He runs to one of us and does it, points like he's asking permission to go to the other and runs to do it.  Not only that, but he'll come like running from across the room to give you knuckles.  Hilarious!

*The other day, I asked Dex who he loved the most.  He said, "Pap Pap."

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