Sunday, January 2, 2011

We should be getting paid for this entertainment!

I have been loving being home with Dexter for the past week.  I truly wish I stayed home with him everyday, but that's just not the plan right now.  Every time I spend more than 2 days at home with him, I realize just how funny he is.  Like when he burps on purpose to make us laugh (though we have to hide our faces and instead say, "Say excuse me!"  Or when he finds a shirt that has a big neck hole so he can pull it over the back of his head.  Or when he can't see you dead on and peeks left, right, and oh yes, stands on tiptoes and peaks above whatever is blocking you.  Or when he takes his pants off, stands and scratches his bum. 

Seriously, I think we could make big bucks if someone followed us around all day with a video camera!

Enjoy 30 minutes of my life...

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