Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Part 2!

**Warning....Picture Heavy Post!**

We woke up on December 26 with would Dex be today?

Um hello?  A  I am so not kidding.  He was running around being a nut!  How did present opening go?  Well, he helped with one or two, but he had so much pent up energy from being sick the past two days I don't think he was capable of sitting still and doing something as calm as opening presents. 

We discussed our options.  A.  Wait until later (possibly tomorrow) and see if he'll open them then.  B.  Say screw it and open them ourselves.  Yeah, we totally just opened his presents.  He ran around in circles around the house paused every now and then to glance at what we had opened.  Oh yeah, did I mention  HE WAS NUTS?!?!?!

Spinning in circles...

Yay!  Presents!

There's the action shot!

Who knows what's going through his mind?

Not the camera again!


The epitome of Christmas Craziness!

Thank God for doctors and medicine!

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