Wednesday, February 22, 2012


We always knew that when we had a second child, that child would be different. 

**Disclaimer:  I know the next thing I'm going to write is going to be really annoying, but in the case of full disclosure, must be written**

Dexter was an easy baby.  I mean really easy.  The only time he ever cried was when he was hungry, needed a diaper change, or sick.  That's it.  Dexter was the happiest child in the world.  He was sleeping through the night at 7 weeks.  I mean really sleeping through the night.  Like we put him to bed at 8 and didn't see him until we woke up the next morning.  (Please don't throw anything at us).  Dexter never refused foods, he ate whatever you gave him.  When his belly was full, he pushed his little lips together and that was it.  He got his first tooth at 3 months, had a mouthful of teeth by 9 months and never cried or lost sleep over teething.  He had an insane amount of ear infections (resulting in tubes) but never really complained about the pain.  He learned how to go up and down the steps at 9 months, and never bothered with them.  He never put anything he wasn't supposed to in his mouth.  He. Was. Easy.

The following phrase has escaped our lips about  a thousand times since we decided to have another child,"We are so screwed with the next kid."

Poor Annie.  We've predicted she will be our.....challenging child.

So far, yes they are different.  Annie is much more like me than her dad.  She's stubborn.  She does things the way she wants to.  She, at 7 weeks, is sleeping pretty well (8 1/2 hours last night!!!) but not like the D-man.  She will eat until you quit feeding her, which results in much spitting up.  It's hard to tell when she's really full.  She will get a little annoyed at us at times and cry just to cry.  That being said, we love every second of it. 

The real question is....are they at all similar?  You tell me.


  1. Thanks, ladies! I love catching her sleeping like this. I have a thousand pictures of Dexter like this when he was an infant!