Sunday, September 11, 2011


10 years.

When I was in school, I can remember learning about the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  I can remember all the kids in school talking about where their grandparents and in some case parents were when this terrible tragedy happened. 

I sit here and think, someday, Dexter will be in school, learning about September 11, 2001.  He will ask my husband and I if we remember where we were when this tragedy occurred.  I'll tell him.  He should know.  He'll never know, but he should know.

More than where I was or what I was doing, I remember the emotion of that day.

Fear.  Sadness.  Confusion.  Helplessness.

I wish I could protect my children from the sadness in the world.  I hugged and loved my family extra hard today.

There are no words to comfort those who have lost so much. 

10 years.

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