Friday, September 9, 2011

Oh rainy Friday....

Now that the cat is out of the bag, I'm making it a point to be more active here.....for me.  I like cataloging Dexter and our lives.

I've officially (well at 3:15) made it through two weeks of back to school.  Yikes.  Hard to believe.  I can't say I'm in any kind of routine.  I mean, school is routine, but life?  crazy.  Dexter is not happy that Mommy isn't with him everyday anymore.  I feel Mommy guilt.  I am so envious of those who can stay with their little ones daily.  It pains my heart to have someone else tell me about his great day, and oh he did this, and has he ever said ".." to you? 

Being pregnant this time around, with a two your old in tow, has also taken its toll while working.  I am so exhausted when I get home.  When I was pregnant with Dex, it wasn't so bad.  I could come home and take a nap, guilt free.  Now I just want to be with the little guy, but my feet and back hurt so I usually try and con him into reading or coloring.  Something where Mommy can sit.  Dexter would rather run around the house, or play Ready Set Go, where he runs and jumps in my arms.  I do what I can.  Mommy guilt.

I must say though, I'm kinda just a little loving rainy Friday.  Why??  Because my overheated pregnant self cannot stand the humidity of outdoor recess.  Shame I know.  Hanging my head. 

Tomorrow is Art's Festival day!!!  I loooove this weekend.  Live for it!  Can't wait to be in our old hometown, where we brought Dexter home tomorrow!!!

Happy Friday!!

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