Saturday, May 16, 2009

Look at that Little Face!

We took Dexter to get his first studio pictures taken today. He was 6 weeks old Thursday, so we really weren't sure how that was going to play out. He isn't a baby who acts weird around new people. He may give them the once over or test them with his crab faces to see how they'll react, but he is generally a very pleasant child and adapts to new people well. That being said, he did extremely well with the photographer. He was happy around her and put up with a few outfit changes from Mom and Dad. He cried a few times, but once he had his pacifier for a second, we could take it out and he was happy.

Let me stop for a minute and say, those who know us well know we are HUGE Penguins fans. Rob and I are in our second year as full season ticket holders. We have awesome seats and we just love going to the games. We actually snuck in right before they created the waiting list. I looked at Rob one day and said, "you know, instead of buying single seats or 6 game packages, why don't we just get season tickets and sell off what we don't want?" We called immediately, got our seats, and literally days later, the Pittsburgh Penguins established their first ever season ticket waiting list. We really lucked out. Huge hockey fans in this house.

One of Dex's picture sets included him in his diaper with his Pens blanket wrapped around his lower half. We happen to possess a miniature Stanley Cup. I'm not exactly sure where we got it, in fact, Rob may have gotten in pre-us. We decided to take it with us so that our son could hold it with his blanket. At the last minute, I tossed our Pens jerseys in the car with us as well. I can tell you, the pictures with his cup and blanket...ADORABLE. Other people were "awwing" at the cuteness of the pictures. The photographer was a 10 1/2. She was awesome. The family shot was everything we had hoped for!

Dexter's other pictures were great as well. Ever since he was born, I've called him "Little Face." Weird, I know. I can't help it. He has the cutest little face I've ever seen. I'm biased as every mother is, but I do refer to him as Little Face. The photographer took one photo with him on his belly, kind of looking up with his mouth in that "ohh" expression. I melted into a huge pile of Mommy when I saw it. Soooo cute.

All in all, I must say, first pictures...great experience! I told Rob, we have to have this same photographer for all of his pictures. She was fabulous. She should really leave this studio and open up her own business. She is that good. Many people I know have awesome cameras and take great pictures. I imagine this girl to have started that way. She just has that touch of artistic ability that makes her special. I wish I could have that. I know people that truly take artsy photos as their own hobby at home. I'm glad this girl has gone and made it a career for herself! Awesome!

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