Friday, May 15, 2009

Show me "sand the floor"

Those of us who are in our late 20's can truly appreciate the power of that phrase. I can remember growing up and watching the first Karate Kid movie. The girls thought Daniel was cute and secretly thought Johnny was a babe. Admit it, that bad boy image was a turn on. The boys walked around quoting Mr. Miagi in all of his wisdom. We waited impatiently for the second movie to come out. We didn't care for the third because it seemed to break out of the original mold, but we enjoyed the character of Terry Silver. The fourth movie was just insane because, um hello, no Daniel. He was getting older by that time, but come on Ralph Macchio didn't look his age until he was 40 and even then he only looked 30. How about I just went onto IMDB and according to the site, he's almost 50. That's insane.

Anyway, now that I've rambled on for a paragraph....So I'm Dexter's Mommy. My little guy was 6 weeks old yesterday. He is my first and I just love him to bits. I was on facebook the other day posting new pictures. He likes to sleep in this bizarre manner in which he puts his arms out, wide-stretched. It looks like the crane technique from the Karate Kid. One of my friends from high school made a Mr. Miagi comment and I was like, niiiice! It was fabulous really. Dexter is just the cutest thing. I am totally biased of course, but he is a big bucket of cute!

I've never really been much of a blogger. That's not entirely true...I've had a few blogs before, but they were less personal and more about things happening around me. Me and my ironic statements. I've been journaling since Dexter was born and I figured it was time to join the world of Mommy bloggers. I am supposed to be going back to work in September, but I'm not really sure if I really want to do that or not. I'll probably end up back at work, but we'll see. I know there are a lot of people speculating about what's going to happen, but frankly, I don't really pay much mind to that right now. We'll see what happens. I'm hoping that things just work out the way they are supposed to. We'll see.

For now, I'm loving being home with my little guy. He is so sweet! I can't imagine wanting to do anything else but be with him day in and day out. How do other working moms do it? I hope if I do end up going back to work, I get some great advice from those moms that work outside their homes.

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