Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just a little note to say.....

I wish that for 40 minutes during the day, in the workplace, there could be a quiet spot to go to, where no one would bother you.  No one would come looking for you to ask you any type of question.  No phones would ring.  You could do whatever you wanted to for 40 minutes....but NO WORK.  None.  No work at all.  40 minutes of time where you could do whatever you wanted to do and that was it.  Zero interruptions.  I think that would make people more productive!

Maybe it's a weird request, but if I honestly had 40 minutes during the day where I could just simply exist, rest, read, whatever I needed.  (As I sit here and am interrupted for the 4th time during my 20 minute lunch).  I think it would give me that greatly needed time to reboot.  I dunno, just an idea!

Oh and just because it's been awhile since I posted a picture of my child (darn no time to unload pictures from my camera!) here's one from a month ago or so...

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