Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Celebrate good times! Come on!

I have to do a little bit of a happy dance........

Last year, we had the worst week ever after "spring ahead."  It took a week before our 11 month old (omg) who previously had slept through the night since 7 weeks (yes, I totally know we're in for it with the next child) was able to sleep without crying for an HOUR.  Not kidding!

This year, we were dreading daylight savings weekend.  Dreading.  Fall back?  He's a champ.  Spring ahead?  Bad...bad...bad.

He surprised us by having no problems at all.  That being said, he has been miserable with a head cold for the past 3 days.  Maybe that's why it was so easy.  He was too sick and tired to bother being disturbed by the time change.

Whatever, kid, just do the same thing next year!

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