Friday, March 25, 2011

Wait, the baby book never covered that!

How many times does a mom think this every day?  After the first 3 times this phrase muddled its way into my head, I did the unthinkable.  I put away the baby books for good.  I have not read a single "parenting" book since that time.  If I need some information, online is my source.  Those books serve one purpose:  to scare the daylights out of new parents.

That being said there are three books I may love and have a crush on.  The first two are Jenny McCarthy's Belly Laughs and Baby Laughs because, hello?  They're funny.  The other is Good Night, Sleep Tight:  The Sleep Lady's Gentle Guide to Helping Your Child go to Sleep, Stay Asleep, and Wake Up Happy by Kim West.  This book teaches sleep training and it may sound like a bunch of hooey, but after teaching self soothing, we were hooked!

But I digress.

On Sunday, Dex was walking in our entry way when he tripped.  He doesn't trip often, but this time he tripped.  And fell.  Into the base of the newel post.  Have you ever seen a bump turn purple within 3 seconds?  I have.  I'm not kidding.  I thought he broke something.  He was literally shaking it hurt so bad.  I'm holding him, trying to put a boo boo pack on his head, he's clutching onto me, screaming, trying to push the ice away.

How does it look 5 days later?  Ugly.  But better.  He's back to his normal self.  Me?  I want to foam wrap our house.  But I won't.  He'd still find a way to get hurt.

Those baby books?  Yeah, they don't prepare you for things like this.  You being kids.

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