Monday, March 7, 2011

They strike again!

Months ago, I wrote about the trouble we had with Comcast....they're back.

We just bought a new tv for our living room.  Previously, having lived in a townhouse, we had our bedroom tv and the tv we had in our living room.  It was a 36 in. tv.  And now it lives in the playroom.  We had been wanting to upgrade to something better, but it didn't make sense in the townhouse.

After much research, we finally bought a 55" LED tv.  We loooove it.  It rocks.  So Rob calls Comcast so we can get an HD box for the living room tv.  No problem, there's an office 5 minutes from where he works, so they said he can pick it up and give them a call once it's hooked up.  Rob gets home and gets all hooked up...nothing.  After calling and waiting patiently for his turn (I will say this, from our experiences, the one place where Comcast excels is with their non-manager customer service reps.  Seriously.  They rock)  He does everything they tell him to do and finally discover that the cable that runs into our living room isn't hooked up to anything.  We are then informed that they unhooked that cable when they were installing our cable to our family room (remember that debacle?) they disconnected it because they thought that's what we wanted.  A wire sticking through our floor that does nothing.  This is coming from who knows, notes on our account?  Seriously?  Now we get to incur a service charge for someone to come to our house and fix what was caused BY THEM.  I think Comcast purposely does ridiculous things so they can charge you.  Nuts.

As if that's not enough?  Our internet?  Awful tonight.  I mean literally goes out every 5 minutes.  This post?  Taking forever. 

I sincerely apologize to any Comcast employees who are annoyed by my post.  In our defense, we had Armstrong cable the first 4 years we were married.  We had one problem with service cutting out, and they immediately credited our account and gave us some random extra channels for like 3 months for free.  When we call Comcast about issues, it's like, oh okay, well we'll charge you and send someone out.

Hopefully tomorrow, CC will exceed my expectations!



  1. I work for Comcast and you don’t have to apologize. We should be the one apologizing for the trouble you are experiencing.

    We'd really like to help in getting this resolved for you. Please feel free to contact us, provide your account info and a like to this page so that we can assist further.

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  2. Thank you for checking in. We had a Fabulous tech come out (the same gentleman who solved our problem last time) who did a fantastic job, was kind to my little boy, and who was pleasant to deal with.

  3. Let me start with the picture of your son on top of this page, is so darn cute! So we had something similar to us before as well, except we finished our basement and wanted a cable outlet there so they come out and say oh its free of charge for the box if you pick it up; we picked it up. They came out, and it took him maybe 20 min and said he was done. GREAT! Then we are laying down for the night and he disconnected our bedroom. So the next morning I called and they told me they couldn't come back out without charging me another $40 tech visit cost! So after $80 in charges, they finally got it right. After my contract was up I switch to DISH, I suggest it to every parent. Why what makes it different? The filters! You can filter the kids channels out on their own guide so there is no accidental viewing of anything. Not only that but since I became an employee of DISH (rather recently), I have not had any problems. You can get a 4 room install with DVRS in all, and HD all for under $53! It is not to shabby at all!