Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Part 1

We had an "eventful" Christmas holiday to say the least.  It began for us on Christmas Eve.  We were hosting one part of Rob's family for Christmas Eve dinner.  We had been working for days and really worked more in the first 4 hours we were up than most people do all day, I swear. 

Around 3:00, Dex started crying.  And crying.  And crying.  Now, this may seem kind of like, so?  But you have to understand.  Here are the reasons Dexter cries:  a.  hungry  b.  poopie diaper  c.  hurt  d.  sick.  (I know throw something at me right now and tell me just wait).  He wasn't hungry, and in fact turned down a snack.  Diaper was clean and good to go.  He hadn't fallen or gotten hurt in anyway.  That leaves sick.

We brought him up and took a temperature.  102 immediately.  Okay, maybe the thermometer is weird...let's try again.  102.  Crap.  We called our pediatrician's service (it's Christmas Eve so as expected, they're closed).  While we wait, we give him some tylenol and a cool bath.  Dr. calls back, we chat for a bit, we did the right things.  He's tugging his ear, so he suggests we take him to the Children's urgent care in Wexford.  We called.  Closed.  Called Dr. back as instructed.  Dr. was furious that urgent care was closed on Christmas Eve, but hey what can you do.  He told us to watch him but call back if things got worse.

The medicine obviously kicked in, and though he was still warm, he seemed to be feeling better.

Family came, we ate, had a great time, and gift exchange started.  Dex started crying.  And crying.  And crying.  Time for tylenol?  Yes.  Takes some and sits with Grandma.  Falling asleep.  Rob and I figure, yeah it's an hour early, but maybe we just start bedtime.  After his bath, I start dressing Dex and what do I see?  A rash.....from his belly button down.  Oh no.  And he's on fire again.  Take the temperature?  102.7.  Crap.  We didn't even hesitate.  Threw clothes and a coat on him, wished or guests a Merry Christmas and headed to the ER. 

The verdict?  Ear infection, virus, viral rash.  Antibiotics.  Which we can't fill until Sunday, so thankfully we were sent on our way with some pre-measured medicine.  The bad?  Constant screaming in the ER.  He was so scared of everything they did:  pulse, temp, blood pressure, examination (rash had spread the whole way up his torso by this time).  The poor kid was so happy to get home.  I think his screaming helped us be seen faster!

Christmas day?  One sick kid.  He never opened a single Santa present.  He opened a few from the Grandparents since they were there and cried a lot. 

We figured, last year took us two days, so you know what?  So can this year!  Stay tuned for pt. 2.

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