Sunday, October 10, 2010

Reasons I love being a mom

1.  Baby giggles and toddler snickers
2.  Kisses and hugs
3.  Looks of surprise when he learns something new or something surprising happens
4.  Snuggling
5.  Him rubbing my hair when I cry or seem sad
6.  Laughs when he burps at dinner
7.  Playing outside
8.  Appreciating days off with my boy since I work full time
9.  Seeing his happy face when he wakes up in the morning
10. The word Mama
11. Tickles and laughs
12. Watching him learn how to kick a ball or throw one far
13. Digging in the dirt
14. Walks in the stroller
15. Singing and dancing to the radio in the car
16. Watching him "talk" on the phone
17. Going grocery shopping and hearing him shout "ananas!!" as soon as he spots the bananas
18. Excitement to play with tubbie letters at bath time
19. Watching in amazement as he can find and tell you the letters, A O M E U with his letter blocks
20. Unending love he gives

There are a million reasons to love being a mom.  I could go on forever....I'm stopping at 20 for today.  I figure this a "to be continued..." list.

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