Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Tonight was our neighborhood's trick or treat.  Kind of weird on a Thursday, but I guess it always is, so only weird to us newbies.

Last year (and every year since we've been married before then), we went to my parents' house for TOT.  We had been living in a townhouse complex, and the first year, we left candy out in a bowl, and went to my parents'.  We came home and like no candy was gone.  We figured the kids in the complex went other places so we gave up. 

I'll be honest, I miss going to my mom and dad's house!  We loved it so much, and last year Dex (at 6 months) went to like 3 houses and then took a cat nap!  We enjoyed the little trick or treaters in their cute costumes. 

This year, Dexter is walking and very aware of other kids.  Daddy took him out while Mommy manned the candy.  The neighbors (according to my hubby) got a kick out of him, so that was fun!  He went to maybe 6 houses this year (woo!) and then headed back to help Mommy.  Helping Mommy actually meant taking the candy out of the bowl and sorting it into piles by type of candy.  Seriously.  Snickers here, Crunch here, Peanut butter cups here.  He kills me!  Then he was running to greet the kids at the door.  Too cute!

The best part is that since our neighborhood TOT's on Thursday and my parents' is on Saturday, we can double dip and still visit with them on Saturday.  How awesome is that?!?!

Happy Halloween.....err...a few days early!

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