Sunday, October 24, 2010


Have you ever had to wait for something and it seems like you're waiting FOR-EV-ER?? 

Right now, we are trying to be really patient.  If you know me, that's like the most hilarious statement in the world.  With kids?  I'm hugely patient.  With pretty much everything else?  Yeah, not even close.  I micromanage like our whole lives.  Sundays are for grocery shopping and planning each meal during the week.  Dexter's schedule during the week, where he's going, how long he'll be there, who's taking him, getting him, when we'll be home, what he'll eat, wear, do.  Yeah all done.  So when I have a "plan" and I have to wait, I kinda get a little bajigitty.

I'm getting kind of impatient right now about something.  I need to chill.  Seriously.

Maybe if I had 1980's John Cusak, I'd be golden.  Until that happens, I guess I just need to keep relying on God and trying to be patient.

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