Saturday, October 30, 2010

G.T.L. Gym, Tan, Laundry

My husband and I really don't have the time to commit to any TV show.  I mean, we watch sports, but other than that?  Nah.  Not something every week.  So we usually end up catching things in reruns.

Now, let me preface this by saying, I have maybe....5 or 6 shows that I consider my "I'm embarrassed to admit I watch this..." shows.  One of those?  Jersey Shore.

I actually never saw the first season while it was on.  I never watched the reruns.  I just figured, eh whatever, been done.  However, one day, while feeling under the weather, with nothing on TV, Jersey Shore was one of my few options.  I figured, eh, I'm sick, I need a laugh, boom, let's watch some Jersey Shore.  Okay, so for real, how have I missed out on this television goodness?!?!   I mean, seriously, who says, look here's a show about a bunch of drunk, morally loose, Italian 20++ somethings who sing about tshirts, cabs, hey sounds like a hit.  It's a show that has a short chick with a 2 inch poof.  Hey look a dude who walks around holding his shirt up.  I will admit, for real, cinematic gold!  Why?  Why in the world is this show so popular?  I'm telling you, I get it now that we've started watching it.  It's cinematic gold because it's fun to laugh at people!  Like, you can't write this crap.

We lived through the era of MTV's "The Real World."  We've seen plenty of barfing, hooking up, fighting.  However, TRW has nothing on Jersey Shore.  Each episode elicits at least a month's worth of water cooler jokes and sayings. 

We all need to thank MTV for having so little creativity in their minds to bring us something as entertaining as Jersey Shore.  Let's face it, lack of creativity has birthed reality TV.  It figures....some people's real lives are way more entertaining than anything that could be written or invented by a creator of television shows! allows us to make Situation jokes out of almost anything.

Case in point:  Dexter's Situation?  He needs some breakfast.  BPN:  Breakfast, Poopie, Nap.  Word.

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