Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Let's Go Pens!

A chant my husband and I hear often.  We are Pittsburgh Penguins nuts!  We're full season ticket holders.  It's one of those things we do for us, just for our fun and enjoyment.  It's been hard over the past year to get to as many games as I'd like to.  My husband goes more often with a friend than I get to attend, but with Dexter, well you can't leave him alone and a sitter isn't always available when you have 3 games in a week!

We did, however, go to the first home game of the season last week.  It was amazing.  Amazing to see an actual game in the Consol Energy Center.  It was amazing to see every seat filled and people cheering even though the team was losing, and actually lost.  It's such a tribute to Pittsburgh to see that many fans coming out to support the team, even though a few, short years ago, the team was in danger of leaving Pittsburgh.  We often joked in our house that if we won the lottery, we'd donate money to build the new arena.....as long as they named it after us. 

I think about our love for hockey, and I think about my husband and Dex going to games together.  It makes me smile, because though I'd love to be there, it will be such a special activity for the two of them as he grows up.  I hope that he grows to love our Pittsburgh sports teams as much as we do.  They won the Stanley Cup the year he was born.  It'd be great to see it happen again!  We've been grooming him since day 1!

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